We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programme For an Apology

To my readers:

It has become known to me that my journal entry entitled “TSA Sponsored Event No. 36:  The Black & White Affair” has sparked serious water cooler debate and has become the centre of controversy.

After the initial barrage of replies, I, at first, had no intention of responding because I found it against my nature to give credence to what I might consider hate mail; however, after careful analysis and some thoughtful remarks from a friend, I have decided that it is in all our best interests to make a public statement of apology.

Firstly, I would like to open with very real regret that anybody was offended by my remarks.  I had no impish intentions of insulting anyone, and I certainly wasn’t judging or attempting to put anyone down.  What I thought to be amusing comments in my usual sardonic style were not received in that way, and for that I offer humble apologies.

I simply had no idea that my opening remarks about Perez Hilton would go unnoticed, and that my borrowed style of commentary would be seen as offensive rather than a laud to that infamous gossip columnist’s E! TV show.  In future, I will remind myself of my audience and remember that what is known to me may  not be known in wider circles.

As penance, I believe it will be necessary for me to recuse myself from the next few TSA sponsored events.  It is glaringly obvious that I will never be able to take a picture or write a commentary without anyone coming to the irrational conclusion that I have nefarious intentions of exploiting the public at large.  As it was pointed out, things will never be the same.

Furthermore, I am cognizant of the fact that there will be a few individuals who cannot accept this apology for whatever reason.  It may be that you do not think I am sincere or perhaps exacerbating the drama of the moment is more electrifying then simply letting it pass.  I have nothing to say to that except the mark of a civilised individual is the ability to apologise when necessary and accept an apology when earnestly offered.

Lastly, I shall close this by saying that although requested, I cannot in good conscience remove my journal entry.  As I mentioned before, I had no diabolical scheme of offending anyone, but this is still my journal and these are my personal thoughts whether they are well-received or reviled.  Following that poor advice would be tantamount to admitting that my initial objective was to insult.  Since I will continue to write whatever comes to mind on any given subject, and because no one will ever let me forget this debacle, there is little point in a false attempt to exonerate myself of something that will continue to exist.  Having nothing further to say on the subject, I once again genuinely apologise.

Very respectfully,



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