Senseless Scribbling of an Idiot #9

While not being an overly religious freak, I believe in the higher power of the Lord God Almighty.  Can’t tell you the last time I went to church or the mosque or anything.  The sad truth is that I spend more time in the club then I do in houses of worship. 

I’m judged by those overzealous types that are convinced that God only loves you if you wake up at a ghastly hour of the morning to sit in a pew, or kneel upon the floor, and allow some earthly creature to assail your senses with whatever message God may or may not have given him. 

I do not ridicule those that can only find God in such a manner.  To each his own.

I found God simply by having conversations with Him.  I let Him speak to me wherever I am, and one hundred per cent of the time God has never led me astray. 

I am Muslim only in the sense of man-made interpretations, but I feel that God transcends above all doctrine and doesn’t care if you call yourself Jewish, Christian or Muslim.  He’s not concerned about that, just your immortal soul and the truth that’s within your heart.

I speak to Him frequently, and ask Him questions like, “God, what the fuck am I doing because I don’t know right now.  Please help me before I destroy my life.”  He answers in His own good time but somehow it is always right on time.  He doesn’t mind that I am often hysterical or recalcitrant.  He doesn’t come to me in dreams or hallucinations.  Somehow, I just know that He’s answered me.

A couple of weeks ago I came to a rude self-realisation.  It set in motion a string of events that at first I was very unsure of.  I was blindly walking this path, skeptical, but I asked God, “Am I doing the right thing, or once again, am I being hasty and ungrateful?”

Today, He answered me. 

I knew it all along; I just needed His reassurance that this is what He had in mind for me.  He never leads me astray, and I contend that if you just have a little faith and if you just ask the question, you’ll get your answer and you will be pleased.  God wouldn’t do you wrong like that. 

I’m glad that He approves of my idea, because I’d sure as hell would hate to start all over again.  Hahahah.

God is the fulfiller of all dreams.

And He is the Saviour of my driving record.

I almost ran a State Trooper off the road today on my way home from work.  Needless to say, he did pull my ass off over and started yelling at me about using my turn signal and allowing proper space between vehicles.  I swear that I did not see him in my side mirror and I only changed lanes so abruptly because the man in front of me slammed on his brakes and I almost hit him.

I explained this to the officer, meanwhile being as contrite as possible, kissing his ass.  He asked me about my driving record, and I told him it was clean, haven’t had a moving violation in a few years.  I said, “It’s been a few years since I’ve had any sort of ticket.”

He said, “Well, you almost had one today,” and then he stalked off. 

I don’t need another high ass ticket in my life.  I just got through finish paying that $500 ticket so I could re-register my car.  Maryland is not getting another penny from me, and God understood that.

See how God is looking out for me?

“She that keeps her mind state on the Lord, He will keep her in perfect peace.”


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