Misadventures of the Village Idiot #16

I am in power money-saving mode.  If I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do by August, I have to save as many pennies as possible, and not fritter it away on things that aren’t going to help me reach my goal.

I was looking forward to Friday because DJ Chewka was guest DJing.  He’s retired now, a family man, and only comes out once every fifth Sunday after the running of the bulls but before the autumnal equinox.  Haha. 

I went out to Ascension to hear him play, and it was like old times.  It reminded me of my early college days in AZ when I used to go to the Fineline.  Ah, those were the days.

I tried to stay out as late as possible but I was getting sleepy.  I couldn’t take a real good nap that afternoon because my upstairs neighbours were leaving for the weekend and they were running up and down the stairs trying to get ready.  I should have tried to sleep after they left but I wanted to work out. 

So after I left Ascension I almost caused a major accident by falling asleep driving.  I was in a daze and I missed my exit.  So I decided to go down to I-95 and then get back on US1, but I guess somewhere along the way I fell asleep and I was driving perpendicular to the road.  Suddenly, I heard horns blaring and some tires screeching. 

Not a good look.

I did make it home in one piece, though.  It’s probably worse to drive sleepy than it is to drive drunk. 

I decided against Midnight because they were having another band.  I think I read somewhere that they were synthpop, and I just don’t like synthpop and then Phae was DJing again, and I just didn’t really want to deal with a double whammy.  Plus, I’m trying to cut down on driving so I can save money on gas.  I have to put a huge amount of money in the bank by August and I can’t be bothered with spending $60 every week.

Instead, I hung out with Maquona.  I think this is the first time we’ve actually hung out together outside of drill.  We chat all day long at work (even though we don’t work together), and I just thought we should hang out.

We went to dinner at Eastern Buffet.  It wasn’t that great as far as buffets go, but I can always find something to eat.  Then we went bowling.  I absolutely suck at bowling but I did manage to beat her.  She says she bowls regularly, but I won.  Hahahah!  I had to put that out there.

We got a free game from the guy because we went up there with some expired bowling passes, but he gave it to us anyway.  That was cool.  I keep telling you, all you have to do is ask.  After bowling, we went for ice cream and then got thrown out of the parlour.

The guy was like, “We’re closed, you have to leave.”  Okay, we can’t finish eating our ice cream?  It’s not like we were just sitting down to a four course dinner.  Anyway, that’s why some people never get ahead in life.  You get what you put out.

I was home by 11 and for some reason I was assed-out tired. 

I’m not even really planning on doing anything today.  I am going to grill later tonight when the sun comes down a little.  It’s murderously hot this weekend, but that’s cool because the heat and humidty produces some awesome storms.  I do like the stormy weather.  As long as the power don’t go out.  Then it’ll be all hot in the house.

At any rate, let’s have a good laugh at me!

So this morning I woke up around 630 so I can go get an oil change that I was supposed to get 2500 miles ago.  I got up, washed my face, got dressed in any old thing and went to get in the car.

I guess I was still sleep. 

When I get up for work, I have the same routine and when I left for Wal-Mart I was on that same routine.  Work and Wal-Mart same direction, but not really.

Wal-Mart is on 198 and work is way, way down in DC at the other end of 295.  Why was I halfway to work, all the way down past Greenbelt, before I realised… 1. it’s Sunday and 2. I’m supposed to be going to Wal-Mart, not work.

And then I was even thinking, “There’s not a lot of traffick today.” 

I was on some kind of auto-pilot, barely awake.

Okay, so much for trying to save gas.  I had to make an illegal U-turn because there was nowhere to turn around.  I felt stupid though and then I was pissed because I was trying to be one of the first cars there.  By the time I got there, it was like 8 cars in front of me.

Thanks.  Thanks a lot!

I thought I would share that so everyone can have a good laugh at my expense.

This is like going to be my last weekend of fun because after this I gotta be on my grind!  Hahaha.  Thanks, Erica for that little saying.  It’s always so useful.

The next two weeks I will be on my annual tour.  Great.  Loads of fun there, and then all of July I just have to work like a Hebrew every weekend. 

August 1….

Like a yearling, it’s gonna be my birthday.


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