Daily News July 14

The Black Widow
You’ve heard of young gold-diggers, pretty little girls who scheme to meet rich, handsome men and then take them for their money.  But have you ever really heard of a gold-digging granny?

Meet Betty Neumar, a 76 year old woman, sitting in a North Carolina jail pending murder charges for supposedly hiring a hit man to kill her husband.  Betty, who has had several different last names, had four other husbands all of whom died under mysterious circumstances. 

One died “on a pier.”  (Whatever that is supposed to mean).  Another was found shot, supposedly a suicide, but a person who commits suicide doesn’t normally shoot himself in the back of the head.  Another was found murdered, but they had no suspects.  One husband died of sepsis, but now the cops think it was poison.  And this last husband who was murdered by a hit man.

The woman even had a son who died under suspicious circumstances.  She collected on his life insurance policy.  Her other son said he was afraid for his life when Betty said to him, “People of our stature should have life insurance policies on each other.  If something happens to you, I’m taken care of and if something happens to me, you’re taken care of.”  I would be scared too if she already had 4 dead husbands and another dead son.

Betty was described by her friends as a friendly, church going lady, but her family described her as evil, scheming and manipulative.  She defrauded most of her family with some get-rich scam.  She told them they should invest in this European family that had died off without any heirs that had some huge unclaimed inheritance.  Most of the family lost all of their money.

I just thought this was an interesting story to write about.  If you happen to know someone with numerous dead husbands, or they come up to you and ask you for a life insurance policy, you should be worried.  Beware of false prophets bearing gifts.

Shark Bites
Police found on the road in Georgia several dead sharks.  They have absolutely no idea where the sharks came from.  Georgia does have a small coastal region and shark fishing is strictly forbidden, especially when the sharks were clearly abused and not utilised to their fullest capacity.

The strangest thing was that all of their teeth had been removed.  No easy feat, since the jaws would have to be broken to remove the several rows of teeth sharks have.

Is there something I don’t know?  Is there high value in sharks’ teeth these days?  Someone let me know, like if I can trade shark teeth for gas or something.  This is weird.


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