Daily News July 17

A Real Life Sentence
Susan Atkins, one of the members of Charles Manson’s cult, has requested release from prison based on compassion.  Atkins has been serving a life sentence since she, Charles Manson and other members of their cult brutally murdered 7 people in 1969.  Atkins stabbed pregnant actress Sharon Tate to death.

Thirty-seven years later, Susan Atkins has literally been rotting in prison.  She has brain cancer and has had her left leg amputated and her entire right side is paralysed.  Originally, all of the Charles Manson cult was sentenced to death but at one point in history, the Supreme Court had decided that the death penalty was unconstitutional, so the Manson cult had their lives spared.

During the trial, Atkins swore she was innocent, but then later admitted that while Sharon Tate was pleading for the life of her unborn child, Atkins got “tired of listening to her” and stabbed her repeatedly.

And now she has the nerve to ask for compassion.  The doctors say she has less than three months left, and I say good riddance.  Let her ass die in jail.  I do believe in the death penalty and it is too bad their sentences were commuted, but  in the end God always knows best.  There is nothing worse than dying in prison after some long drawn out miserable disease.  Laying in the hospital ward of a prison with your leg cut off and half your body paralysed is a fitting punishment for a woman who stabbed a pregnant woman to death while she begged for the life of her child.

Susan Atkins shouldn’t have even opened her mouth to ask for compassion when she showed none to Sharon Tate.  I hope the last three months she has to live are the most miserable and that she could ever go through her whole life.  I hope that nurses “accidentally” forget to give her a morphine drip and she spends her last hours in agonising pain.  When it’s all over I hope she dies in the middle of the night when no one is around, in the dark. 

A spokeswoman for the Department of Corrections has stated that it has cost state taxpayers more than $1.4 million to take care of the dying Atkins.  I say it’s money well spent.  There are varying studies that show the cost of execution to range anywhere from $3 million to $44 million, depending on the state and the notoriety of the individual to be executed and how many appeals he has filed and all that.  So, actually it was cheaper for Susan Atkins to die a horrible death of brain cancer in prison.  And since brain cancer is a naturally occurring phenomenon and not engineered by the Department of Corrections, no one can say this is cruel and unusual punishment.  All the hospital ward has to do is maintain her life and provide adequate medical care.  No one said that it had to be quality medical care.

Good riddance, Susan Atkins.  Your friends will join you in hell soon.


Rat Pack
A woman in Wisconsin tried to extort money from an upscale restaurant by putting a dead rat in her own food.  Debbie Miller told the restaurant owners of Seasons Restaurant that she would alert the media if they did not pay her $500,000.

Like a dummy, Miller gave the supposed rat to the restaurant owners who in turn gave it to their insurance company.  The rat was found to be a white lab rat, not the usual type of rat found running around in scummier restaurants.  The rat was also found to have been microwaved and the restaurant does not microwave any of its food.

Instead of paying her, they sued her and now this idiot is in jail awaiting charges.  It’s possible that Miller may have some mental issues but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Obviously, she does have some mental issues if she thinks she is going to win with that scam.  First of all, a white lab rat?  Come on now.  How would a white lab rat wind up in a kitchen of an upscale restaurant?  If she wanted to go through all of that, she should have found a nice skanky looking rat from outside somewhere, the type of rat that a person would find in a trashy, dirty restaurant.  Then she should have done some research.  Okay, the restaurant is upscale.  They probably do not microwave their food.  If she really wanted some money, she would have boiled it or put it in the oven, something a little more believable.

People always want a get rich quick scheme but they are unwilling to do the leg work to get that money.  They should drop the extortion charges and just bring her up on stupid charges.


So Gay
A gay/bi/lesbian travel ad has sparked serious outrage in South Carolina (of course).  The ad said, “South Carolina is so gay.  Explore an America most never see.  From plantations to The Civil War.  Golf to Gay beaches.  Hilton Head, Charleston, Myrtle Beach.  There’s nowhere quite like South Carolina.”

The ads were posted on the London subway.  There were also similar ads related to Boston, Atlanta, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Washington DC, none of which had a problem.  Only South Carolina raised a fuss.

The South Carolina Tourism and Travel Board approved funding for the ad, but according to a spokesman it was a low-level state employee who approved it and did not send it on to higher supervisors for review.  The low-level state employee has since quit and the Tourism and Travel Board said they will take back the money they sent for the ads.

A South Carolina senator said that citizens of his state would be pissed to find out that their state was described as “so gay.”  Senator John McCain and his possible running mate Mark Sanford said the ads were “inappropriate.”  The Tourism and Travel Board said that the advertising agency obviously didn’t realize that South Carolina was a place for families—not gays, bis and lesbians.  Someone else said, “We’re so gay?  Nah.  Wrong state.  Go to California.”

But this is also a state that teaches abstinence as sex education, so I mean, that’s pretty much it in a nutshell.  A director for a gay/bi/lesbian group says he gets calls all the time from people asking, “Is South Carolina a place that’s okay for me to be gay?”  The director says, “It’s like yes and no.  You can come here and spend your money, but then someone might say to you ‘I’m sorry; you can’t stay here because you’re gay.'”

It’s hard for me to even have a reaction to this.  I do have an opinion about being gay/bi/lesbian, but here in 2008, there’s really no place for stupidity and bigotry.  No matter how a person feels about gay people, the point is they aren’t really going anywhere so you might as well just deal with it and get over it.  Money is money.  If I owned a business and gay people wanted to come and spend their money, I’d be like… Come on in.  All money is green no matter where it comes from. 

The whole state of South Carolina is generally wack.  It’s the back of beyond.  There’s nothing there.  The general population is average.  There aren’t any good jobs.  The state doesn’t have a whole lot of money.  Not exactly a place that can afford to be particular about who can spend money there and who can’t. 

People get so worked up over every little thing.  The senators and other bigwigs of this state just show their idiotic small-mindedness in their comments.  “We’re not gay.  Go to California?”  That’s so juvenile.  I guess, instead of being recognized as “so gay,” South Carolina would like to project the image, “South Carolina.  So stupid.”


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