Daily News July 22

The Weight Escape
A Texas man in jail awaiting a murder trial lost enough weight to slip through a vent and escape from the jail.  It was noticed that he was losing weight, but losing weight isn’t a crime and neither is it something the guards were particularly worried about until they discovered someone was missing during their routine head count.

They checked his cell and saw no damages or anything that would lead them to believe he had escaped from the cell, until they realized that he had climbed through the vent.  They then figured out why he was losing all that weight.

He escaped with another man, his cellmate and authorities have no idea where they are.  The man is considered dangerous, but they do not know who if he is armed.

Well, good thing we don’t live in Texas.

A 70 year old man’s license is temporarily suspended pending a review after he caused two serious accidents in one day.  In the first accident, he made an illegal left turn that caused another vehicle to rollover.  An occupant in the other vehicle died.

Four hours later the same 70 year old man caused an 8 car pile up after he rear-ended another vehicle at 70 miles an hour.  He was driving so fast that he did not notice that the cars were stopped.

The man was not drunk, high or on any type of medications.  A medical board and a grand jury will review the accidents and decide whether or not the man should keep his license.

Ironically, this man is also from Texas, reminding us that we are glad we do not live there.  

I am not against old people driving, but I am for frequent driving tests for the elderly.  Some old people are not even really old.  They’ve been active all their lives and can handle anything that’s thrown at them.  Then there are old people who have started to slow down in their old age.  They cannot react as quickly.  They are not advancing with technology.  They don’t read as swiftly as they used to be (to read road signs) and neither do they see as they used to.  It’s hard to tell who can do what during old age unless they are tested frequently for the ability to drive.  It should be mandated that after 65 years of age the elderly should be tested once every two years to make sure they are still able to put up the hazards of driving. 

Why this man was in TWO accidents in one day is crazy, especially since the first accident caused someone to die.  So he kills someone in a car accident and they just release him at the scene with his car and license?  Then he drives down the street 4 hours later and causes an 8 car pile up.  Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

Dead Children?  Whatever!
The Italian media is in an uproar after two Roma girls were drowned on Saturday.  The drowning itself is not the shocker.  The two girls were swimming with two other girls at the beach when a fierce current swept them too far out.  Two girls were rescued but the other two drowned.  Their bodies were pulled from the ocean and laid out on the beach to await police authorities who would remove them.  The bodies were covered with a beach towel.

The shocker was that after the incident, while the bodies were still lying on the beach, Italian tourists hung out on the beach, not 20 feet from the girls, and continued to enjoy their day as if nothing had happened.  A reporter showed up with the police officials and took a picture of people lounging, chatting, laughing it up a few feet from where the dead girls lay.  The reporter published the photo, stating the people seemed to be totally indifferent to the fact that there were dead children lying on the beach.

After the photo was published, the rest of the media whipped up the frenzy and an archbishop in the area stated that he was completely disgusted by the people’s attitude.  The problem is that the girls are Roma, some type of Gypsy in Italy.  Most of the Roma are illegal immigrants in Italy.  They are treated pretty much the same way many Americans treat illegal Mexican immigrants.  Illegal immigrants in the United States often live in substandard conditions, cramming up in one apartment, but the Roma sometimes live in tent camps outside of town.  They send their children into the big cities near tourists to beg.  Italian citizens want the government to throw them all out and some Italians have even burned the camps the Roma live in.

The archbishop stated that it was pathetic that just because there is disagreement between Italians and the Roma, that people would treat the death of children so casually and continue to enjoy their beach parties like nothing even happened.

This just goes to show that America is not the only place with racial problems.  Everywhere in the world one race thinks they are better than another race.  I would like to think that despite all of our racial problems here in the United States the majority race wouldn’t just lounge around while two dead kids laid in the street.  Even if they didn’t care, maybe they might just get up and walk away instead of sitting there enjoying a drink ten feet away from two dead little girls.



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