Daily News July 25

When a Kid Needs Time to Unwind
A 5 year old boy in Texas decided that he had quite enough of his daycare for the day.  He asked permission to go to the bathroom and instead walked out of an emergency exit and went down the street to a gas station and bought soda and snacks.  After the gas station, he decided he was in the mood for something more and went up the street to a Hooters.  When he arrived at Hooters, the manager noticed that the boy was in the restaurant alone and he called the police.

The crazy thing is that Hooters restaurant is not exactly close to the daycare, and the boy would have had to cross several busy intersections to get there.  The boy told police that he knew how to cross the street by looking both ways and waiting for the cars to stop. 

The daycare didn’t even realize the boy was missing until his father came to pick him up about 10 minutes after he asked to go to the bathroom. 

I’m glad that the kid had enough sense to cross the street properly.  Obviously someone did a good job teaching him how to look both ways.  But I need to understand why this kid had enough money on him to go to a gas station to buy soda and snacks.  I also need to understand why the clerk at the gas station didn’t notice that a 5 year old boy was in there getting a Coke and a Snickers bar, and then let the boy leave on his own so he could walk up the road to Hooters.

At least the manager at Hooters had some sense to see that kid was alone and called the police.  The daycare from which the boy escaped has had several violations in the past few years, mostly for supervision problems.  Authorities haven’t decided whether they are going to cite the daycare for this incident.  The parents said they will still use the daycare even though the kid hasn’t been at daycare since the incident.

I know I would be in there flipping out, “Where is my kid!” and then to know that my kid was traipsing up and down a busy street.  That is like your kid, your 5 year old walking up and down New York Avenue looking for a Hooters.  That is way too much going on. 

Leave Me and Pay the Price:  Bitch Betta Have My Money
A woman in Georgia has been awarded $150,000 after her fiancé left her standing at the altar.  The woman claimed she gave up a lot of things in order to be with him, and when he decided he didn’t want to marry her, he pretty much left her up the creek without a paddle.

The couple is older who met through friends.  They liked each other and decided to get married when her oldest son went to college.  After the kid went to college the fiancé decided he didn’t really want to get married and so the woman said, “Hell with this,” and she got a high paying job in Florida. 

After a few months the man decided he missed her and begged her to come back, so she quit her job and moved in with him after he gave her a 2 carat diamond and asked her to marry him.  Months after that, he decided that he really didn’t want to get married.

Tired of his games, she went to court and won $150,000.

Really, $150,000 ain’t shit, but I guess it’s a little something-something for one’s troubles.  But really, it’s amazing to me that even older women are making the same mistakes as young girls.  I don’t give a damn if he gives you the moon, a woman should never be the one to pack up everything to be with a man unless there’s some really good reason that makes sense all around.  She left a job that paid $81K a year for a job that paid $30K so she could be with him.  He should have left his job to be with her.  They don’t say how much he was making, but if it was less, he should have came to her if he really wanted to be with her.

Secondly, he dumped her before, so that means he’ll probably do it again.  The only way I could be sure he wanted to be with me is if he came down there and we tied the knot right then and there.  You already stood me up once, I’ll be damned if I take you back again, and damn sure not leaving no high paying ass job for a man.  See how men do you dirty?

Yeah, she got her $150,000, but that is hardly two years’ pay and after taxes it will be nothing but pennies.  He’s trying to appeal anyway so she might end with nothing. 

It couldn’t be me.  I hope she at least kept the diamond and sold that shit.  The man said he left her the second time because he realized how much in debt she was.  It was too much for him to deal with.  That’s even stupider on her part.  She is way in debt, and she admits it, and she leaves a big money job for a man.  As you can see, he is not interested in paying your debts, so you need to be on your game and stop worrying about some dude.  If things were meant to be, there were meant to be.  Things usually work themselves out if it was really supposed to happen.  This sounds like too much going on and now she has messed herself up.  A couple of dollars isn’t really doing anything.


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