Daily News July 26

Church Shooting
Some unemployed old man in Tennessee is being held on $1 million bail and close observation after he entered a church Sunday morning and opened fire.

Two people were killed and seven wounded during the shootout.  Children were about to being a performance when he bust into the church and started shooting people with a shotgun.  He had 76 rounds on him, and police suspect that he did not intend to leave the church alive. 

Apparently, the man was upset because he was unable to find employment and he did not like the church’s liberal social views.  The Tennessee Valley church is a Unitarian Universalist church that holds very liberal views on social politics.  Most unitarian churches are like this.  They support women’s rights, equal rights and gay rights.  This type of church was also the first to ordain women and also the first to support the civil rights’ movement in the sixties.

I guess the man was mad at their free-lovin’ ways, added to the fact that he had no family and no job, I guess he was just tired of living.  Something is seriously wrong with you if you get up one morning and decide to shoot up a church.  There are a lot of different religions and a lot of different belief systems here in the United States, but an open-minded person should realise that church-going people, no matter what type of church, are exactly what this country needs.  Sorry to all you non-believers out there, but personally, I think something is wrong if you don’t believe in anything.

At any rate, this old man is going to get an extra special place in hell.  Pleasant dreams!

Ethnic Beatdown
Three white teenagers from Pennsylvania have been arrested on murder and assault charges after they allegedly attacked two Hispanics in a park in a small town in Pennsylvania.

The town is very small and pretty much everyone there is poor.  Most of the population is white with a growing Hispanic population where most are illegal immigrants.  The three teenagers approached a Mexican male and a younger female.  The two Mexicans started to walk away when the teenagers started harassing them, but the teenagers caught up to them and for no apparent reason, other than the fact they were Mexican, started to beat them up.

They kicked the guy and he fell unconscious onto the ground and they continued kicking him in the head until he was seizing and began to foam at the mouth.  The guy died later at the hospital.  They beat up the girl and ran away.  The whole time they were beating the two Mexicans up, they were yelling out ethnic slurs and “Go back where you came from” type remarks.

There were 4 teenagers involved, but apparently only 3 were doing the fighting.  The three who were fighting were 16, 17 and 18 and all will be charged as adults.  The lawyers for the 16 and 17 year olds say that there was no homicide and they want the charges moved to juvenile court where there will be very little punishment, if any. 

The Mexican guy’s fiancee, a white woman who has two kids with him, says she will move away as soon as possible because she doesn’t want her children to go through what their father went through.

This is just a sad state of being.  Even though these boys are pretty much grown, they got this type of crap from their parents.  Parents perpetuate hatred and violence in their kids, and the kids often grow up much worse than the parents are.  I can already see that the boys don’t think they did anything wrong, especially since the lawyer is trying to say there was no homicide.  Uhm, hello?  The guy is dead.  He didn’t beat himself into a seizure, so… I mean, come on. 

I hate writing about stuff like this because it’s not the first story and it damn sure won’t be the last.  Everyone has their own prejucides.  We form our opinions from our parents and personal experiences.  That’s a human trait in all of us, but you become inhuman when you act upon them, especially in such a violent manner.  It’s one thing to say in your mind, “I hate XXX,” but it’s quite another matter to stomp someone in the head until the guy is completely unconscious.  That reveals a soulless monster who has no regard for human life, a person who is completely without conscience, so blinded by hate that there really is no hope. 

The report stated that pretty much everyone in this small town is underpriviledged.  I bet these white kids listen to their parents complain all day long about how there is no work because of Mexicans.  Now the kids are brought up to believe that all their problems came from illegal immigrants.  How about you get off your ass, finish school, go to college or learn a trade and get a fucking job to better your situation instead of blaming everyone else.  Last time I checked, picking strawberries isn’t the way to the big time, which is exactly what the guy who died did for a living.  Not exactly swimming in cash.

Drunk Hoes On a Plane
A flight bound for London, England had to be diverted to Germany after two drunk British women caused a nuisance on a charter plane.  The two women were so drunk that the flight attendant decided not to serve them any more alcohol.  When the flight attendant denied them alcohol, the two hoes got pissed and one hoe smashed the flight attendant in the head with a bottle of vodka.

Then the hoe tried to open one of the doors to exit the plane–while the plane was in the air.  They created such a fracas that the flight attendants had to manhandle them back into their seats and the pilot had to make an unexpected stop in Germany to get everyone under control.  The women were arrested in Germany.  They had to take a breathalyzer, which showed them as “fucked up,” and the one woman was charged with interfering with aircraft and assault.

See what happens when you give British people liquor?  Usually, they are such a reserved people that when they lose control, they really lose control.  How do you get so drunk that the plane has to make a forced landing to get everyone to calm down?  I mean, really.  They don’t say whether or not the women got to get back on the plane.

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