Daily News August 5

Home Alone 4:  Lost in Jerusalem
An Israeli couple, bound for Paris, forgot their 3 year old daughter in a Jerusalem airport.  The couple, orthodox Jews, managed to remember their 5 other children and 18 pieces of luggage and all the crap they bought at duty free, but didn’t remember their youngest child, a 3 year old.

They got on the plane and took off for Paris and left the little girl wandering around the airport crying for her mother until an airport employee found her.  Even once they were on the plane and settled, the couple did not realize their kid was gone until an airline attendant on the flight let them know their child was found at the airport.

Did the parents go back and get her?  Of course not, an airline employee flew with the child to Paris to reunite the family.

It is very apparent that perhaps the family was purposely trying to forget her.  I mean, you have 5 other children, and I am going to assume that one of them is at least 10 years old and has the mental capacity to watch after someone younger for a few seconds while the parents struggle with EIGHTEEN pieces of luggage.  I’m like, goddamn, are you moving there, or what?  Maybe 18 pieces of luggage is not extravagant for 10 people.  That is less than two pieces per person, but still, since 6 of them are kids, how much crap do they need?  At any rate, they didn’t forget their duty free purchases, and yet all 7 other people in the family didn’t even realize that their 3 year old daughter was gone. 

I know it can be hectic, but once you get on the plane and settle down, I would hope someone would be like, “Where the hell is Elisheva!” especially since 3 year olds aren’t usually quiet and unassuming for long periods of time.

Grand Theft Death
In Thailand, an 18 year old kid is in jail pending an investigation of his murder of a taxi driver.  Allegedly, the kid robbed and stabbed a 54 year old cab driver to death in a re-enactment of a scene from the popular video game Grand Theft Auto.  He was arrested after police observed him trying to back the taxi out of an alley with the severely wounded driver bleeding to death in the back seat.  He told the police that he hadn’t intended to kill the driver, and he only picked the guy because he was old.  When the cab driver started to fight, that’s when the boy stabbed him, mortally wounding him. 

The kid, whom parents describe as polite, is not mentally disabled and claimed he only wanted to find out if it was as easy to rob a taxi in real life as it was on the video game. 

Because of this incident, the game is being pulled from store shelves and arcades have been asked to turn the game off.  The Thai government doesn’t have ratings on games like here in the United States, and now they want to implement a rating system and guidelines on the times which kids can play games at the arcades.

Everybody pretty much has heard of Grand Theft Auto.  Everybody knows it’s one of the more violent games out there, and it was the first to be over the top and now other games have followed, some of even worse than Grand Theft. 

Everything is not for everybody.  I believe that parents should pay attention to what their kids are playing.  Some kids can play video games and it’s like whatever, a source of entertainment.  Some kids play games and they want to be what they see in the games.  Some kids are already mentally on the edge and continuous exposure to violence is just going to push them over.  If you have a kid, or know a kid who already gives you the creeps, maybe he shouldn’t be playing these types of games because it just makes it worse.  You know what I am talking about, weird kids who set fire to animals and wet their beds past age 12…makings of a serial killer.  These kids should be in therapy or Camp Happy, not playing Grand Theft.

Parents and caregivers know their children better than the government, so you should be able to tell if your kid is the type of kid who would try to beat his sister down after watching a hoe get beat down by her pimp.  A kid in the United States killed two cops and a 911 operator imitating Grand Theft.  This is was clearly a kid who had a propensity for violence.  He killed three people.

I don’t know what is going on with this Thai kid, but something is not right.  He is 18 years old and he wanted to know if it was easy to rob a cab like it is in the game.  He either doesn’t get out much or he’s mentally screwed. 

Too Fat to Die
An inmate in a Cincinnati prison has been scheduled for execution in October after he brutally raped and killed two women back in the 80s.  It is mandatory in almost all states for the convicted death row inmate to file an appeal to overturn his execution sentence.  This is to give every possible chance to ensure that the guy really is guilty and deserves to die. 

This inmate has filed his appeal to stay his execution on the grounds that he is too fat.  He is 5’7 and weighs about 267 pounds, and claims that because of his fat the executioner will have trouble finding his vein and may cause him unnecessary pain.  He also adds that he is on some migraine medication that may interfere with the anesthesia that is applied before lethal injection.  He says he may feel the agony of his death and that amounts to cruel and unusual punishment. 

Most forms of execution have been outlawed over the years because they were deemed as cruel and unusual.  Thirty-eight (38) states have death penalty, and in 37 states lethal injection is used.  Nebraska is the only state that uses the electric chair, and it is their only method of execution.  Five states still use the gas chamber, but California has declared it cruel and unusual.  Idaho is the only state that allows death by firing squad.  Hanging is still permitted in Washington state and Delaware.  Most forms of execution were declared cruel and unusual because the victim felt pain or suffered unnecessarily. 

This fat inmate is stating that because of the migraine medicine the anesthesia may not work properly resulting in excruciating pain.  Last year, another fat inmate was executed by it was difficult finding his veins because he was too big.  The execution team stuck him 10 times with different needles trying to find a vein and it took almost 2 hours to execute him.  Two years ago, another fat inmate lost his appeal to stay execution.  He claimed that his excess weight and diabetic medicine would cause him unnecessary pain.  They killed his ass anyway.

Doctors in some states are not permitted to participate in executions because of medical ethics and the oaths they take as doctors, so sometimes untrained orderlies perform the executions depending on the state’s regulations. 

Almost all death penalty states have laws against the execution of certain people, such as retards and people with mental illness.  There are also some states that consider the natural problems that come with those who are elderly, like Alzheimer’s and dementia.  But there aren’t any states that stay execution because of health problems, especially weight.

Perhaps they should consider putting him on a diet and then executing him.  He has until October 14.  Since the state pays for his meals, they should ensure that he is receiving well-balanced and nutritious meals to perpetuate weight loss, then there will be no problem finding a vein.  Pleasant dreams!

Fun facts:
Texas has the highest rate of execution.  Since 1976, there have been 409 executions with 26 of them occurring in 2007.  Virginia comes in a distant second with 102 executions since 1976, none occurred last year.  Four executions have occurred this year in both Virginia and Texas.  Maryland has had 5 executions since 1976.  There is no death penalty in Washington, D.C. 

Black people have been executed 382 times (or 34%) since 1976.  Whites make up more than half of the executions at 57 per cent.  There are about 1400 black people on death row right now and about 1500 white people.  There are 4 black people on death row in Maryland, and 2 whites. 

In 2006, Maryland had the second highest murder rate in the country while New Hampshire had the lowest.  Louisiana was number one.  Most of the states without death penalty have low murder rates.  First degree murder, or murder during the commission of a felony, will get you the death penalty in Maryland.  First degree murder with aggravated circumstances will get you the death penalty in Virginia. 

There are 51 women on death row, and 11 women have been executed since 1976.  Most of them are white.  Minors are not executed, however, minors can be sentenced to death for crimes they committed.


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