Daily News August 11

Government Drug Bust
Sixty-two people, including 56 government employees, were arrested yesterday after authorities uncovered a drug scam that involved government employees’ insurance and OxyContin. 

Six of those arrested were the ringleaders, sent out to recruit the government employees into using their insurance to obtain prescriptions for OxyContin, a very powerful painkiller that prescription med drug abusers use to get high by crushing the pills.  The government employees would go to a doctor, also arrested in this scam, and get a prescription for the drug, fill it at a local pharmacy and then turn around and sell the pills on the street.  Then on top of that, the employees would ask their insurance company for reimbursement for the pills, so they are pretty much making double money. 

About 130 false prescriptions had been filed resulting in about 12,000 OxyContin pills that have a street value of about $400,000.  The charges are racketeering, conspiracy to commit racketeering and grand theft.  Racketeering carries a minimum 3 year sentence, and so depending on how many charges of racketeering the state brings and given these people were government workers, the state will be inclined to throw the book at them.  They could be in jail for a very long time.  See you guys later!

The six ringleaders are just regular people, and for shits’n’giggles, you should go to CNN and take a look at these people.  They look like they should be the late night crew at a Krystal Burger outside of Brunswick, Georgia.  The government employees included bus drivers, elementary school teachers’ assistants, police officers, corrections officers, rehab corrections officers, officials from various government departments and administrations in Miami and even a felony court clerk. 

So, I guess all this means is that if you live in Miami-Dade County there are going to be some positions available soon, because you know, that since most of them were black, they won’t be keeping their jobs, whether they’re convicted or not.  Now hiring at the public school district, department of corrections, department of public works, circuit court, Miami-Dade and Hialeah Sheriff’s Office, Human Services, General Services and Family Health Center.  Don’t ever say nobody never did nothing for you.

Felony For Chicken
A New York man in Oregon pled guilty to murder charges in exchange for a bucket of chicken and a pizza.  This guy had an aspiration of becoming an ice cream truck driver and after he paid $18000 for an ice cream truck, he decided that he didn’t really want to do it after all.  When he tried to sell the truck back to the company, they were like, “Sorry, kid, truck’s yours to keep,” and they wouldn’t refund his money.

On a hunt to find the owner of the company, the New York man shot and killed a former employee of the company.  He finally admitted to the killing but only if the judge promised that he could take a break from jail food and have Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut every now and again.  The judge agreed to this madness but only because the man’s attorney’s stated they would pay for his fast food fest.

While it might seem a little strange, the courts didn’t have a problem with this because it saved the expense of a murder trial. 

Okay, how ghetto is that?  Well, I guess he did kill the man so eventually it would have come out, but, “I’ll plead guilty only if you get me some chicken.” This man had to be black.  He had to.  They didn’t show his picture so I don’t know.  His name was Tremayne but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.  If he is so pressed about chicken why didn’t he just go to work for KFC in the first place instead of trying to become an ice cream truck driver?  He spent $18000 on an ice cream truck, think of all the chicken he could have bought!

Bums For Cash
A hospital in California is being sanctioned and two men are under arrest after the feds uncovered a scam in which bums were used for cash.  The feds report that a clinic would go out and find bums on the street and then claim they had problems they didn’t actually have.  The bums would then be referred to the hospital who would admit them, let them stay in a hospital room for days on end, give them a bunch of false treatments and then turn around and bill Medicaid and MediCal (The California version of Medicaid). 

Most of the bums were mentally ill or drug users, but none of them were ever treated for mental issues or their drug addictions.  The two hospital administrators provided $20,000 in bribe money to the clinic for providing them with the bums they were using to scam the government.  Then when they no longer had any use for the bums, they would then dump them back onto the street with cash, even the drug addicts.

For the charges that were brought against the administrators, one could do 50 years and the other could do 140 years.  One homeless woman said that none of the treatments in her chart were ever performed on her.  She just laid in a bed for a few days, and then an orderly gave her a nitroglycerin patch because her chart claimed she had a heart condition (which she didn’t) and she suffered a serious drop in blood pressure. 

Wow.  It seems everyone has a scam these days.  I’m sure it was nice for these homeless people to have a place to stay for a little while but then to be just dumped on the street afterwards with a few dollars.  Then the ones with mental illness don’t have a clue what’s going on and then on top of that, the junkies are getting cash and now going out to be more drugs.  And no one is putting them in rehab or some facility for the ones with mental problems.

That’s just wrong.  Everyone has this get rich quick scheme.  Crazy.


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