Senseless Scribbling of an Idiot #15

No News is Bad News
I’ve noticed that I haven’t been posting very many “In the News” briefs.  It is partly because I have had other things on my mind lately, but the biggest reason is that there hasn’t been anything to report these past few weeks.  I don’t like talking about politics, the economy, the war or real serious crime.  Politics and the economy are too smart for me; half the stuff I don’t understand, so how could I report on it unless it’s an opinion piece.  Everybody is tired of hearing about the war.  We already know there’s a suicide bomber.  We already know someone died and we’re not even there.  Who wants to read about crime all the time, all the degradation and depravity in the world?  I have to report on the unusual stuff, and lately there hasn’t been any.  I’ll keep my eye out though.

A Bad Weekend for Freaks
This weekend was pretty much a wash out for a freak like me.  Thanks the incompetence of BGE, Ascension had a power outage in the middle of its prime hour.  To their great credit, they knew ahead of time that something was going to happen and they prepared for it.  See, that is why I always like the freak spots best.  If the power were to go out in say, Love or H20, they would kick everybody out because doubtless there’d be fighting and all kinds of carrying on.  Everyone at Ascension was well-behaved.  It was interesting to finally get to actually hear people, especially what they think of other people.  Yes, I was overlistening in on people’s conversations but it’s not like I had anything better to do.  Anyway, I left because it was getting too cold.

On Saturday, Midnight was closed because of some alcohol related licensing issue.  I went to Spellbound instead.  It wasn’t as horrible as the first time I went and they did finally get a real dance floor and not that clapboard pasted together like they used to.  Still, Spellbound is not Midnight.  I told the door lady the only reason I was there was because Midnight was closed.  The look she gave me could have set me on fire. 

The Stupidity of People
Yesterday, I woke up real early to go to Pep Boys to get a new tire.  I always go about a half hour before they open so I can be the first car in the line.  I don’t like waiting all damn day for something.  I get there at like 820.  There’s one guy ahead of me.  Then a few more guys show up and by 850, I would say there’s a good 10 people waiting out front.  This guy shows up and he just blazes towards the door and tries to open it.  Needless to say, the door was locked.  So I said, “Okay, you thought we were all just standing out here in the cold for fun?”  Another guy laughed and the guy stares at me.  “They’re not open?”

That would be a big no.

After I dropped off my car, I wandered around the various shops and things and I go into the CVS to buy a paper so I can get the coupons.  As I am pulling out my wallet to give the man the money, some middle class (but still very ghetto) looking girl comes in, “Excuse me, do you have 50 cents?”  I just stared at her because I was kind of floored that she was asking me for money while she was holding a five dollar bill in her hand.  I didn’t respond, just paid the cashier but the girl was still standing there.  Then she said, “Well, damn, all you had to say was no.  It’s no need for all of that.”  And she walked off.  What the fuck just happened? 

You know what, I’m about to become a panhandler.  Everyone else is damn doing it.  I should too.  Shit.  I’m over here busting my ass and other people are taking the easy out way out.

The Russian Mob in Wal-Mart
Later that night, I was in Wal-Mart wasting money as usual.  I hate how you go in there for a few things and come out with everything.  I still didn’t buy detergent, hangars or the eyeliner I need.  But I did buy candles, dinner knives, brownie mix, ice cream, and a new face cream, none of which I needed.

I did actually try to buy the detergent.  I was in the detergent aisle, staring at what was offered. I was kind of annoyed because I only use detergent that is designed for dark/black clothes.  Since I pretty much only wear black, I am tired of using those regular detergents that are fading my blacks.  I see that there is nothing, but then I notice these three eastern European guys down the aisle staring at me.  Okay, why are you staring at me like that.  I moved away a little bit, and then they followed me.  Uhm… I moved some more and they moved some more.  They were speaking in whatever language they spoke and looking at me.

I’m like, “What the fuck?”  I can’t believe that I’ve started so much trouble that someone put a hit out on me.  Hahahah.  Right when I was about to walk away one of them approached me.  “Excuse me.”  His English was terrible.  I did kind of get scared because, you know, in some cultures they do not have the same sense of space that Americans do.  Asians are good for that.  They don’t believe in personal space, and that is why they always get really close up in your face.  Some Europeans are also like that, and apparently so was this guy.  He got up right on me and I was like… Oh my God, get off my nuts!

Then he said, “Which is good soap to make the laundry?”

Hahahah.  They only wanted to know which was the best detergent, since obviously they are not from around these parts.  So funny.  I pointed to Tide.  “That’s good,” I said.  “This is good?”  Yeah.  He turned to his friends and they all started laughing and picking up bottles of Tide.  Then they needed help buying fabric softener, so I helped them with that.  I saw them again later, trying to figure out the cleaning supplies.


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