Daily News October 21

Playin’ For Keeps
An 89 year old grandmother was arrested earlier this week after she allegedly kept a ball that neighbourhood kids kept throwing into her yard.  The police had to warn her several times about the ball, but after one final time, the kids threw the ball into her yard and she kept it.  One of the kids’ father spoke to her about the incident and she said she was tired of the ball coming into her yard.  The father called the police.  The police came and arrested her the other day, leading grandma away in handcuffs.  She has been ordered to appear in court.

Wow, I guess police don’t have anything better to do than arrest 89 year old women for stealing a ball.  Why aren’t the cops doing anything about the kids throwing the ball into her yard?  If they have had to come out several times over the ball, don’t you think someone should tell the kids to stay off the lady’s property?  I bet if she put up a fence and two big ass Rottweilers they wouldn’t come her yard no more.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving
While it may be social taboo to tell someone important news over a text message or in an email, public health officials are actually advocating this.  Some people are too embarassed to say face to face to someone that they might have given them an STD, so they just don’t say anything, meanwhile the unsuspecting person is going around possibly infecting everyone else they know.  But if you send it in an e-Card, maybe even anonymously, the clueless will now have a clue without all the embarassment. 

I do believe it is more important to pay attention to who you are sleeping with, but it’s just as important that you do the responsible thing by letting people know what might have happened.  However, if you have this e-card saved to your favourites, maybe you have a problem.

Racial Receipt
A black man in Kansas City had bought a pair of shoes at Journey’s, but when he found the same pair of shoes at another store for much cheaper, he did what any normal person would do:  he took them back so he could get a refund.  The man took his shoes back to Journey’s, got his money back and the refund receipt.  Later on that day, he just so happened to be looking at the receipt a noticed the words “DUMB NIGGER” printed on the receipt. 

The man went back to the store to find out what the hell was going on, but all of a sudden nobody had any idea what was happening.  The employee who had issued the receipt had entered an anonymous code into the system so it did not identify his name.  The man could not remember much about the employee who had helped him.  Journey’s management said they would investigate the incident, and the man’s family is filing a complaint with the mall security.

So, uhm, well, we all know that racism is bad.  We’re all entitled to our opinions, and if you don’t like a certain group of people, hey that’s your problem.  That is not against the law.  What is against the law is companies actually supporting these types of opinions.  I would like to understand how the cash register was actually able to print the words “DUMB NIGGER” on the receipt.  I know a lot of registers are hooked up to computers now to ensure financial accuracy, but how many of them have programs that actually allow the user to type something onto a receipt.  This is all very suspect to me.  They are claiming they don’t know who the employee is because the employee used an anonymous code for the register.  Okay, that’s fine.  Get out the security cameras.  Since all receipts are time and date stamped, you should have no problem pulling up a security camera  to see who was working the register at that time.  You can also start by questioning all employees who were at work that day.  Registers, especially computerised registers, keep copies of receipts.  You can find out if this has been tried before, and you can also find out which employee cashed out the customer before and after that man.  Why is Journey’s making this seem like some complicated unsolved mystery? 

If appropriate action is not taken with all possible haste, I think I will have to add Journey’s to my list of banned stores and products.  I have an internal list of stores and products that I do not use for various reasons.  Journey’s is not going to suffer because I refuse to shop there, but I do have the freedom of telling Journey’s they won’t be getting a penny out of this dumb nigger.


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