Daily News October 22

Dine’n’Dash Grandma
A Florida woman has decided that she would rather go to jail than pay for her restaurant bill of $7.45.  The 66 year old woman stopped into a Waffle House in Florida and orderd a cup of coffee and a sandwich.  When she was brought the bill, she told the waitress she wasn’t going to pay.  The waitress called the police, and the police said, “Ma’am, just pay the bill or we’re going to arrest you.”  She refused to pay.  They told her that she could spend up to 60 days in jail, but she said she wasn’t going to pay and offered no explanation as to why she wouldn’t pay.  She was arrested.  She also faces a $500 fine.

Uhm, so, maybe she is mentally disturbed because no one in their right mind would ‘pay’ $500 and spend 60 days in jail from a crummy old Waffle House sandwich and turbid cup of coffee.  Since she did not offer an explanation, I’m not sure if she didn’t have any money or what.  I think someone needs to order a 7-30 exam to see if she is off her rocker.

Charged to Wait
A woman in Dallas, Texas received a hospital bill after she waited in the emergency room for 19 hours and never saw a doctor.  The woman broke a bone in her leg playing volleyball and went to the E.R. to have it checked out.  She waited there 3 and a half hours before she saw a nurse to take her vitals, and after another 15 hours or so she gave up on a doctor and just went home.  Two weeks later, she received a bill for $162.

The hospital stated that the bill was correct and that she was not being billed for waiting, but being billed for the services she received from the nurse who took her vitals and assessed her medical condition.  At this same hospital, days later after the woman with the broken leg, a man came in complaining of stomach pains.  He waited for approximately 19 hours before going into cardiac arrest and dying on the emergency room floor without ever being seen.

This is beyond ridiculous.  All these hospitals are understaffed with underpaid workers.  Not enough beds.  Not enough tools and resources to go around to help people who truly need help.  Part of the problem is that people run to the emergency room for every little thing, and that’s because they are sometimes put into situations where they are forced to take such idiotic measures.  How many times working at TSA you were told it’s a blackout date and you need a doctor’s note.  Who goes to a doctor for every little snivel and cough?  Some people are smart enough to self-diagnose they have a cold or something contagious that should not be spread around, and they should keep their asses home, but I know I have sat in the emergency room just so I could get a doctor’s note because I had a temperature and an upset stomach.  Wasting time that a nurse or doctor could be seeing a patient with a broken leg or stomach cramps or that woman who was bleeding out her mouth and died in the L.A. hospital.  Stupid people create stupid policies and good people wind up suffering for it because of their blatant incompetence. 

So now this woman, who is uninsured, bought a leg brace from Wal-Mart and says she thinks the leg is healing, but since she isn’t a doctor, how the hell would she know?  What if the leg doesn’t heal straight?  Since I am not a doctor, I can’t imagine all the complications there are when you don’t properly mend a broken bone, but I’m pretty sure people don’t want to be at home trying to fix their own broken legs.  She should sue for their gross negligence.  And how on earth can you come up with a $162 bill for getting your vital signs checked? 

Dine’n’Dash Beauty Queen
Miss Teen Louisiana took a page out of grandma’s book and decided to dine’n’dash herself.  She and her friends went to dinner but left without paying the $46.07 bill.  The brilliant group of geniuses left a purse there with 2 grams of marijuana, and they decided to go back and get the purse.  The restaurant owner recognised Miss Teen Louisiana and called the police.  Because of this mishap, she will have to give up her crown 11 days early.

This just goes to show that once again, beauty pageants are about looks and not brains.  After the Miss Teen South Carolina fiasco who couldn’t figure out South Africa from a paper bag, Miss Teen Louisiana is following in her footsteps.  Okay, so you don’t pay your restaurant bill, that’s cool.  But you leave your purse with your I.D. in it at the table, a purse that also contains illegal drugs.  Knowing you didn’t pay the bill, knowing you have drugs your purse, you go back to the restaurant to get your shit.  How smart are you?  Instead of parading these girls around in a bikini or an evening gown with a sash that says Miss [Whatever State], the sashes should read Miss Stupidity or Miss Dumbass.


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