Daily News October 27

Shot Dead

An 8 year old boy in Massachusetts accidentally shot himself in the head while under adult supervision.  The boy was attending a gun fair where trained instructors were showing various people how to shoot certain guns.  The boy was shooting an Uzi at targets when he lost control of the gun.  The force of the weapon caused him to shoot up in the air and backwards towards himself.  He was rushed to the hospital where he died upon arrival.


As a gun owner, I am all for the right to bear arms and everything, and I’m also for teaching gun safety and responsibility.  But I think an Uzi is a little bit too much for an 8 year old, unless he’s like 5’10 and weighs 200 pounds.  I have never shot an Uzi before, but I do know that once you get those things going, you have to hold onto it or it just kind of takes off on its own.  If you can’t handle the recoil, you probably shouldn’t be shooting it.  The instructor should have seen whether or not the kid could have physically handled a firearm like that.  Sad.


Cheerleading Death Squad

Four cheerleaders from Tennessee were killed this weekend after cheering their home team to a loss against a rival high school.  The cheerleaders had hung out at a McDonald’s before heading home on a lonely country road that was foggy and slick.  Apparently, the cheerleaders lost control of the SUV they were driving and the SUV skidded across the median into the other lane of traffic before exploding.  In addition to the 4 cheerleaders, the driver of the other car was killed and a passenger in that car lost her unborn child.  None of the cheerleaders was wearing a seatbelt and they were all under age 16.


There are so many things wrong with this I don’t even know where to begin.  Four teenaged cheerleaders driving an SUV with no seatbelts on a lonely, foggy, wet country road at night.  This is why states want to put a ban on the number of teenagers in a car, on the age of teenagers who drive and the time when teenagers drive.  Already some states make teenagers get a provisional license where they can only drive at certain times with certain people in the car.  You’ve got four giggly ass 16, 15 and 14 year old girls in the car after a football game where they’ve been flipping, flopping and prancing around for the better part of the evening and you let them drive down some windy ass road when visibility is low and the road is all wet from earlier rains.  What responsible parents these are.  Now they’re all dead, the other driver is dead and a woman has lost her baby.  I feel sorry for everybody, especially since two of the girls were sisters.  The parents will feel doubly bad losing both their children, but when you are the parent and you make moronic decisions like this everybody pays the price.  You can’t leave responsibility up to some retarded 16 year old cheerleader.  She’s not going to be bright enough to make a decision and say, “I think it’s too dangerous for me to drive.”  These dumb hoes didn’t even have their seatbelt on, so yeah, that says a lot for maturity.


Destruction of a Black Family

Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother were found dead in their home Friday afternoon.  Her nephew, 7 years old, was missing just up until a few hours ago when his body was discovered in an abandoned SUV.  Police have taken into custody the boy’s father who had previously been in jail on murder charges.  At this time, no one has been charged in connection with this heinous crime. 


We all know Jennifer Hudson as the reject from American Idol who made it big by winning an Oscar for her role in Dream Girls.  Her album just came out and she had two other movie roles for 2008.  It is very disturbing to see a young, up-and-coming black woman trying to do her thing but yet some vile miscreant takes away all the important things in life.  After you struggle so hard to achieve your dreams, sometimes it’s like it’s not even worth it because now she will have no one to share it with.  Any success she can make from here on out will be bittersweet because she will know forever that she cannot show her mother her triumphs.  Her mother cannot be there when times get hard.  This is a difficult thing to bounce back from.  You think about what is really important in life, and where you want to go and what you hope to achieve. 


Whoever did this should suffer the most tortuous of punishments because there’s just no accounting for the destruction of a black family in this manner.  Nothing on this earth, and I repeat, absolutely nothing on this earth is that bad that you would have to kill, and to kill a child and then abandon him like he’s trash.  If this guy is the one who did it, his own son.  It’s reprehensible.  We have no punishment in our legal system that even fits this crime.  The death penalty is not enough.  He needs to be thrown into a fathomless, black pit.  Set some ravenous dogs on his ass and tear him limb from limb.  Allow him to recover to the point where he thinks we might have mercy on him, and then shoot him in the stomach so he dies a slow, arduous death.  Only then will he even suffer half the pain I’m sure this family is suffering.  Pathetic.


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