Daily News October 30

Dead Boy Stars on Soap
A soap opera made a ghastly mistake when they used a photo of a boy who had been murdered as a prop on the show. 

On the soap opera, a character was supposed to have abandoned his child and the now grown-up child sent a letter to his father along with a photograph. 

The photograph used as a prop was a picture of a 6 year old boy who had been kidnapped, raped and murdered the year before.  A fan was watching her favourite soap opera and she recognised the picture of the boy.  She emailed the TV station to ask them why they would do such a terrible thing.  She also called the grandmother of the murdered boy to let her know what was going on. 

The television immediately pulled that episode off air and the internet and edited it so the picture would be removed.  They sent an apology to the family stating that they have absolutely no idea how that picture came to be selected to be used as a prop.  They said there was no excuse for this horror and offered to show public service announcements for the next month highlighting missing and exploited children in honour of the boy that had been killed. 

The grandmother stated that she was glad she didn’t regularly watch soap operas and if she had seen her grandson on television like that she probably would have lost her mind.  It is possible that the soap opera obtained the photo from the media station who had used the photo in the original search for the child when it was believed he was still alive, but missing.

Can you imagine the shock and horror you would feel if your young child had been killed and then you see his picture on some sleazy soap opera?  I guess it is a good thing that the grandmother doesn’t watch the shows.  The child has only been gone a little over a year, so something like that still hurts, if it ever stops hurting at all.  But it’s just inexcusable and the soap opera should offer the family other compensation for this terrible error.  I always did wonder where television shows got their photos and stuff.  I always thought they used models or maybe the actors brought in baby pictures.  I didn’t think they just picked up random pictures some place and used them.  Don’t you have to have permission to publicly air someone’s photo like that?  This is just too outrageous to be believed.

Border Jumping in Style
Four Iraqi men tried to “jump the border” into the UK by hiding in a Bentley that cost almost $200,000.  The car was put on a ferry from Germany to U.K. and immigration officials use machines to detect levels of carbon dioxide, something the body natural expels as we breathe.  They found higher than normal levels around the Bentley and decided to check it out.  When they opened the door, 4 Iraqis were inside chilling.

Well, I guess you should give them an ‘A’ for style and effort.  Instead of running, jumping or floating aboard a piece of driftwood, they said, “Let’s arrive with class.”  If it weren’t for those machines they might have made it.  Then they could have told all their friends how they came to England in a Bentley.

Italian Police Chase
Beginning next year, Italian police will use this car, yes, a Lamborghini that can get up to 200mph to patrol an area that is frequented by serious speeders.  The car will also have a refrigerator that will be used for transporting organs and a defibrilator.  The car costs more than $200,000.

I guess it won’t make any sense to try to outrun the cops if they are driving this monstrosity.  But on the other hand, if you were being rushed to the hospital, you can rest assured you’ll get there in 4 minutes flat.  Amazing. 


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