Daily News October 31

Sorry, No Retards Here

A German father is appealing to the Australian high court to overturn a ruling that denied his son immigration because he has Down’s Syndrome.  Both the father and the boy have been living in  Australia for awhile, going through the immigration process legally.  After months of filling out paperwork and appearing in court, their immigration request was denied due to the boy failing to meet health standards.  The immigration officials of Australia stated that the boy’s condition would prove to be an unnecessary drain on community resources because he would have to have care for the rest of his life.  The father was upset, naturally, because it seemed to him that his son was being rejected because he is not in perfect health.

I didn’t know one had to meet certain health requirements in order to immigrate to another country.  I guess it only makes sense for countries that have free health care for everyone.  A boy with Down’s Syndrome, depending on how severe, and I’m guessing this kid has severe Down’s Syndrome, would need to have care forever and if something happened to his father he would be dependent on the state.  Australia is just looking after their bottom line when they say, “No retards allowed.”

Gotcha Bitch!

South Korea’s high court upheld a 1953 law that would send adulterers to jail.  The law was put under scrutiny after a high profile actress was being divorced by her husband.  The actress cheated on her husband with an opera singer and the husband demanded that she be jailed according to the law.  The actress appealed but she lost her last appeal and will have to do jail time for committing adultery.  Some admit that the law is antiquated, but it was originally designed to protect women.  Back in the days when women were divorced they were usually left penniless and alone.  Being divorced was a serious stigma; to prevent men cheating on their wives, they enacted this law.  Since modernisation in the 1980s and 1990s, very little people have been thrown in jail over adultery but almost always those that do go to jail is because their spouse was pissed and ratted them out.  And just for shits’n’giggles:

Divorce rates:

South Korea (2005)

Divorces:  128,500

Population:  48,598,175

Percentage:  .0026

United Kingdom (2006)

Divorces:  144,220

Population:  60,975,000

Percentage:  .0023

Japan (2000)

Divorces:  225,635

Population:  126,920,000

Percentage:  .0017

United States (2000)

Divorces:  957,200

United States:  281,421,906

Percentage:  .0034

United States has the third highest divorce rate in the world, right after Maldives and Belarus.  But the disparity is huge.  United States and Belarus are approximately 4 divorces per 1000 couples.  Maldives is over 10 divorces per 1000 couples.

Void Where Prohibited By Law:

There are 26 states that have anti-adultery laws.  Depending on the state, the definition and punishment for adultery is different.  Some states it’s two married people, but not to each other; or one married person, one unmarried person.   Some states adultery is a married person living with person not his spouse.  That would mean no roommates.  In West Virginia and North Carolina, you don’t even have to be humping.  If you are behaving in a lewd or lascivious manner (which means acting skanky) with someone not your spouse, you could be found guilty of adultery. 

Some places only the woman can be found guilty whether she is married or not.  Seven states get away with charging only one person in an adulterous affair.  If a married person humps an unmarried person in Colorado, Georgia, Nebraska, North Dakota and Utah, only the married person is guilty.  In DC, a married man is guilty if he sleeps with an unmarried woman, but if a married woman sleeps with an unmarried man they are both guilty.  Most states with adultery laws do not care if you are in the middle of a divorce or legally separated.

Also, be careful where you get your adulterous freak on.  Adultery is a FELONY in Massachusetts, Michigan, Oklahoma and Idaho.  In Maryland, it is a misdemeanor.  In DC, too, punishable by up to 180 days in jail and a $500 fine.  Oral sex is not considered adulterous, but it’s considered sodomy which is also illegal. 

Sorry, guys.


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