Ready For Change

Last night, the world turned.  

We, the free and legal people of the United States of America, have elected the first ever black president into office.  He is our Commander-in-Chief.  He is the leader of the free world.  

A black man.

For the past 21 months, during his entire presidential campaign, he has preached that change was necessary, that change was going to come and through prayers we could do anything.  Yes, we can.  But it ain’t gonna be easy.  The real battle is about to begin.

Beginning January 20, 2009, President-Elect Barack Obama is going to have to show the world what he’s really made of, but you know what?  We, the free people of this country, are going to have to do the same.  Through our democratic process, no matter how skewed we might think it is, we have decided that this is the one we want running our country.  We agreed that change was necessary and we have brought about change through our votes.

Some of you stood in line for hours.  Some of you had never voted before.  Some of you didn’t vote, but still prayed for this moment.  All of us, in our own way, through voting, prayer, wishful thinking or whatever else, wanted this astronomic change.

Now we have what we asked for, but do not think that our part in this momentous occasion is over.  

Barack Obama is a man who will be under intense scrutiny over the next four years.  As the first ever black president of this nation, the greatest nation in the whole wide world, he is going to be in a fish bowl.  Everybody is going to be watching what he is doing, looking for the characteristics he so admirably displayed during his campaign.  He will sacrifice much trying to prove that our votes and prayers were not wasted.

Do not let this sacrifice be in vain.  Our role in this whole thing is that we must show him that we are ready to receive change, that we appreciate the battle he will fight for us.  We have to let him know that we stand behind him.  And we cannot do it in half measures.  We cannot jump into the streets screaming and crying in exultation and the next day go back to the old way.  As he said in speech, it is time to let old habits die out.  

We are a new country now.  The whole wide world is looking to us.  We have inspired the Tribes of Africa; we have brought hope to the troubled nations of the Middle East.  The promise of renewed friendships has awakened the European states.  

Everything we did before as Americans is no longer good enough.  If we really want to show the world that we are to be revered as the quintessential democracy, the greatest nation ever, we, the citizens, really have to display those qualities.  It would be blasphemous to continue on in the violent and ignorant vein we’ve been in these past 220 years.  

Barack Obama may lead this country into great things, but we have to be willing to follow.  All the hatred, anger and divisiveness that plagues our country, it’s time to lay that down.  It is time for a change.  

Since we are ushering in a new era in the United States of America, I think it’s time for all of us to make a change.  

Maybe January 20, 2009 the world will turn again.  I hope none of us get left behind.


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