Misadventures of the Village Idiot #22

I haven’t been going on about my weekends like I used to do.  Probably because every day is like a weekend for me right now.  Everything just blending into one another to the point I don’t even know what damn day of the week it is.  And I’m starting to get lazy, sleeping all day and staying up all night.  I don’t want to do shit.  The only thing I do is work out and eat, which is totally counterproductive.


What the hell did I do Friday?  Oh, yes, I went to Ascension.  I already wrote about the fiasco of the route detour from hell, so we’ll skip that.

I went to Ascension because Liebchen was spinning.  I like her music and I felt the mood to be stompy or whatever.  It was a regular night, but I’m starting to be harassed by drunks again.  For awhile I was getting harassed every night I went out and then for a little while I was cool, but they’re back with a vengeance.

It started with the skank-tacular black guy and his friends who were out celebrating Obama’s win.  I swear to you, that’s what he said.  He was like, “You want to come sit with us?  We’re celebrating the first black president.” 

Uhm, no thanks. 

First of all, I hate going to freak clubs as either the only black person or one of a few black persons.  I said this before.  Other black freaks feel the need that we should bond because we’re all black freaks.  No, I don’t have a sense of connection with you.  So get lost.

These guys weren’t even freaks anyway.  They were just random people, and I hate that even more.  We don’t have to talk to each other just because we’re black!  Go harass the skanky girls that want to be harassed.  Like the midget with the glow sticks.  She looks like she wanted a hot beef injection.  God. 

And they just kept coming back.  I was polite.  “No, I don’t want to sit with you.”  “No, I don’t want to dance with you.  The music is not really conducive to ass-grinding, but thanks anyway.”  Then he was like, “Do you really like this music?”  Ain’t I in the club?  By myself, no less.  How many non-freaks show up to clubs like that by themselves for shits’n’giggles? 

I’m also starting to believe that while I’m a magnet for weirdos, I’m invisible to everyone else.  I’ve been going to Ascension almost every Friday for years.  There are a few that I miss because it’s band night or I have drill or I’m out of town, but I thought I was pretty regular.  This guy comes up to me and says, “I’ve never seen you here before.”

Are you kidding?  I told him that I’ve been coming for years, except for those 4 weekends I was banned and the 12 weekends I boycotted the place, but that’s another story in and of itself, and I sit in the exact same spot almost every time.  He was like, “I’ve never ever seen you before.”  I guess it didn’t help that I’d never seen him before either. 

Then the VNV Nation guy offered to buy me a drink.  Hah, the guy with the cabbie hat who’s always there.  I call him the VNV Nation guy for some reason which is really not a reason at all.  Any time a VNV Nation song plays, he stands near the dance floor and sings along.  I’ve been seeing him there for years, don’t know his name and he just randomly came up to me and asked if I wanted a shot. 

I told him no, which I guess now I see was kind of rude.  I guess that was his way of extending himself, but I don’t drink and I never know how to tell people that I’d be interested in just chatting, but I don’t want to be drunk to do it. 

I always come off so standoffish.

I guess it’s just probably be I remain anti-social because obviously I lack social skills.

I went to Midnight because the gothic belly dancing troupe was going to be there.  I had already seen them at Ascension but I never got a chance to write my reaction because of all this drama that was going on that weekend. 

At any rate, the gothic bellydancing was …. okay.  Better than I could ever do, but still, I’m not sure why they say “bellydancing” when in all actuality, very little bellydancing is done.  I guess interpretive [did I spell that right?] dancing doesn’t have the same ring to it.  Whatever.

I liked the first number they do together, creeping from the crowd like wraiths in white.  The next girl, the one who danced to “I hope you hurt as much as me” or whatever that song is, I don’t like that dance.  Not because she’s terrible or anything but because she actually looks uncomfortable.  The top she is wearing looks like it cuts off her circulation.  The first time I saw her, at Ascension, I was like, “Can she move freely in that thing?”  It looked like a device of torture.

The two girls together, Virginia Fae and the other girl, they were okay.  As was the ribbon dancer.  The only problem I had with the ribbon dancer was that she was pretty much emotionless and expressionless.  Like she was just dancing without any real flavour.  Like we all like chicken right?  Yeah, but who just eats plain chicken without any sauce or spices or anything.  That’s what her dancing was like:  dry, ass chicken that someone took out the pack and threw it in the oven.  Yum.

And I really got that sense from the audience.  I was way in the back because I was eating.  During the performance is always the best time to get something from the bar.  I stood up on my chair to watch and I had a bird’s eye view of the audience.  Everyone was just kind of standing there like… a dancer is dancing.  Yay.  I guess, when you perform you want to evoke an emotion from your audience.  Whatever your story is, whatever you want to portray, you have to get that across through your emotions and feelings that you pour into the dance.  I didn’t get that sense at all from the audience.  No, she did not totally suck and her friends were there to cheer her on, which is not the same thing at all.

Sasha Nyx’s dance was entertaining.  I liked her outfit.  I wish I had the guts to come out dressed like that, but I’ll stick to my sackcloth and paper bags.  She was one who actually looked like she was enjoying herself and the audience was into her dance.  She didn’t look nervous or like she was going through the motions. 

All in all, I would say that I would rather see more belly dancing.  I kind of remember seeing them before and I could swear they did more traditional techniques back then, but that was also like 2 years ago so I don’t even know what the hell I’m remembering.  I would like to see more expression and focus.  I don’t want to feel like I’m watching one of their practises. 

But look at me going on like I actually know what the fuck I’m talking about. 

I stayed later than I normally do on both nights and I’m suffering for it today.  I try to be home by 2 am whenever I go out.  I don’t like being out on the road with drunks  I don’t like walking up and down the streets by myself.  I didn’t even get home until like 830 this morning, but that’s a whole other story in itself.

I’m dead now.  Good night.


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