Daily News November 11

On the Way To Your Own Funeral
A Brazilian woman died on the way to her husband’s funeral.  She was riding in the hearse when the funeral procession was involved in a seious accident.  The coffin in the back of the hearse surged forward and struck the woman in the neck, killing her instantly. 

Well, isn’t that like the saddest thing you ever heard.  On your way to bury your husband and his damn coffin kills you.  I guess some women can’t live long without their man. 

Among Family
A 90 year old Chicago woman was found living with three of her dead siblings.  Two of the siblings were alleged to haved died about 20 years ago.  The other one probably died a couple of months ago.  Neighbours noticed the smell and called police.

The woman was obviously of questionable mental ability to be living in the house some skeletons and a rotting ass body.  After 20 years of being dead there would be no flesh to stink up the place, but the sibling that died a few months ago.  Talk about raunch. 

Recycled Runaway

A 14 year old boy escaped from a boot camp like facility for troubled teens.  He climbed into a recycling bin to keep warm but the next morning the trash truck came by and scooped him up.  The trash truck was one of those compactor types and the boy was compacted.  Fortunately, he suffered only minor injuries.

I bet his ass won’t runaway again. 


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