Daily News November 16

Second Life Marriage, Real Life Divorce
A British couple who met in the online world of Second Life got married in real life and had an outrageously lavish wedding in Second Life.  The real-life wife caught the real-life husband having an affair with a Second Life prostitute.  He was also having an online affair with an American woman he had never met.  The couple is now divorcing.  The woman says that even though he was cheating in his Second Life, it’s the same as cheating with a real person.  She is now online dating a guy she met in World of Warcraft.

Oh, boy, where do I even begin with this?  When it comes to real life and second life, you have to decide which one is more important to you.  Sometimes your real life sucks so much that when you create your Second Life it’s everything you’ve always wanted it to be.  You start getting caught up in the fantasy that your real life kinda just slips by the wayside.  Whatever you want to do, live in fantasy land or stay grounded here on earth, never the twain shall meet.  You can’t mix your real life with your Second Life.  You divorce your husband because his Second Life humped a Second Life prostitute and he’s having an online affair with someone he has never met!?  Well, an older woman once told me something that is valid in both real life and Second Life, how you get a man is how you’ll lose a man.  You met his ass in Second Life, you turned it into a real life marriage, now he’s cheating in his Second Life, and now you’re getting a real life divorce!  Sorry ’bout your luck.

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like …… [non-existence]
Just in time for the holidays the athiest movement in the Denver, Colorado area will start putting up billboards promoting athiesm.  The athiests feel that Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa/Whatever Season is the perfect time to start talking about athiesm because this is the time that religious talk is heaviest.  The athiests say they are tired of this predominatly Christian country shoving Christian beliefs down their throats and they want other athiests to know that they are not alone, that they can band together to seek comfort in their athiesm.  The signs will say “Don’t Believe In God?  You’re Not Alone.”

Oh, but you are alone.  If there is no God, you’re alone in your cold, cold world.  So sad.  Banding together with all your athiest friends is not going to provide you with that warmth that you seek.  Everybody is allowed to believe what they want.  If you want to be an athiest, be an athiest, and you can all hang out together and have little meetings… but you are alone.  If you can find no higher calling:  God [by whatever name you call Him], gods, goddesses, Krishna, Buddha, or whatever… if you can find no comfort in the otherworldliness of a spiritual being, then your soul has to be so vacant.  In your soul where it matters most… you are alone.


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