MySpace/FaceBook scams

Everybody is already aware of all the email scams the come out:  people asking you to send them money, chain letters, stupid email messages about not going to certain shopping centres because of gang activity, etc., etc.

We read them, know they are fake but we keep forwarding them to our friends anyway mostly because it’s just easier and more habitual than hitting delete.  You know I never send shit to anybody:  you don’t get any chain letters or any crap like that from me because most of the time, I read the subject line and already know it’s garbage so I throw it away.

So if you hear anything from me, I might either be suckered in like everybody else, or it might be the real deal.

As my readers all know, I only read reputable news sources.  I do not get my news from or Youtube because I can’t really verify it.

But here is a new scam I read on MSNBC that’s kind of interesting.  For those of us who have our myspace accounts set to private or have Facebook that is automatically private, we do not expect to get messages from people not on our friends list, so when we read messages from our friends we pretty much take it as real.  We do know about accounts that get phished, but those messages are easy to figure out.

You’re friend emails you and says something about a hot new phone or Viagra, obviously his account has been phished.

But what if you got a myspace message from your friend who said he was stranded somewhere and needed your help?  Send him some money so he can get out of whatever trouble he is in.  They tell you a sob story about their phone being cut off and the only way they knew how to get in touch with you was through myspace.

Some people are dumb enough to really fall for this.  Especially since the person is asking for such a small amount of money.  If someone asks you for $5000 you know it’s fake, but if they say something like, I just need $120 for some gas or to turn my phone back on, you’ll be like… hmmm.

That is the new scam now when it comes to phishing myspace/facebook accounts.  Instead of sending gay ass messages about dating websites and Viagra, now it’s “I’m stuck and I need help.”  Don’t believe this shit!

If you think your friend is really in trouble, try calling around to some of his friends or family members to see if he is really in trouble.  Especially since the scammers always throw in the line, “My phone got cut off.”  So you don’t even think to call them to ask them if they are really in trouble.

See how people just try to cheat you?

Pay attention to your shit!  Don’t send money to people you don’t know because once it’s gone, you ain’t never gettin’ it back.


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