Daily News December 7

Koobface Virus
If you get an email on Facebook that says something to the effect of “You look just awesome in this new movie,” do NOT open that shit.  There is a virus email chain going through Facebook that is attempting to steal personal information like credit card numbers and shit.  When you open the email, it goes on about some movie and then gives you a link to see this supposed movie.  When you get to the website, it tells you that you  need up upgrade and you should download the next version of Adobe Systems Inc’s Flash player.  IT’S FAKE!  Don’t do it.

If this has already happened to you, you can go to facebook.com and click on Security and it will tell you how to fix your computer.  One user said his computer was completely destroyed after the virus got into his computer.  You can read more about it here:  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28065486/

See how people are trying to fuck you up?  Also beware of any emails going around saying “Obama Acceptance Speech” in the subject line.  This email also contains a virus.  Just don’t even open it.  Throw that shit away!!!

Drag Queen Thieves
Several men dressed in drag robbed an exclusive jewellery store in Paris, taking more than $100 million in necklaces, earrings and luxury watches.  The men apparently came into the store wearing women’s clothing, knowing all the employees’ names and speaking a language other than French.  The Harry Winston store that it was the largest theft ever recorded.

Goddamn.  Can I get a piece of that?

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?
Boy George is at it again?  He is under arrest for false imprisonment.  Apparently, he chained a male prostitute to his bed and allegedly beat the man with a chain.  Boy George admits to chaining the man to his bed, but he says he only did so to investigate whether or not the man tampered with his computer, trying to find personal information.  Boy George swears he did not beat the man.

Some celebrities just cannot stay out of trouble!

Fun With Dick and Jane
A Missouri couple is under arrest after allegedly robbing 60 homes in 45 days.  The husband/wife team would troll around rural neighbourhoods and break into houses when no one was home, stealing any valuables and weapons they could find.  The woman would scope out if anybody was home by simply going up and knocking on the door.  If someone answered, she would be like, “Oh, I was just here to pick up the puppies.”  After the couple would rob the place, they gave all the stuff to their friend who sold it on Ebay for them to get money to support their heroin addiction.  When the police raided their home, they found more than 150 weapons that had been stolen.  Ebay does not allow the sale of firearms.

I’m highly upset these people actually had some kind of business going on.  Rob a house, sell the shit and make money.  It’s easier to unload stolen property through ebay than it is to go to a pawn shop and sell it.  Pawn shop is local and the chances of someone recognising you or your stolen shit is much higher than the anonymity of Ebay.  Must be nice work if you can get it.

Undercover Mother
After a New York woman’s son was convicted of murder, she decided to go undercover to try to gather any dirt she could on the jurors.  She dyed her hair, got a fake tan job, changed her name, even had business cards printed up with her fake name on it… and she invented this long, drawn out story about where she came from and who she was.  She then followed a juror around, getting to know everything about his life before she approached him

They talked to each other for months before she was able to record a conversation with him where he stated that although he did not know her son, he knew of her son and knew of the crime he had committed before he became a juror.  He had not disclosed this information during voir dire, the jury selection process.  If he had, he might not have ever been selected as a juror.  He then admitted that he probably should not have been on the jury and that he was also the first person to push hard for a conviction during jury deliberations.

Now the boy’s lawyer is trying to get the conviction overturned stating that what his mother did was not wrong, that she was only trying to do what was best for her son.  The only person wrong, according to the lawyer, was the juror.

Wow.  Talk about serious.  At least she can tell her son that she gave it her best effort if she is not able to get him off.  After watching all these episodes of L&O, I now have a clear understanding that the law is totally fucked up–especially in New York.  It might not matter that witnesses put him at the murder scene.  It might not matter that anybody saw him shoot anybody or whatever.  If there was any impropriety in the verdict, then the whole case could be dismissed.  Depending on the judge, he can either throw the shit out for a new trial or more than likely, since jeopardy is already attached, this guy could easily get away with murder.

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