Daily News December 8

Guns For Groceries
A Los Angeles programme where you can trade guns for gift cards has done exceptionally well this year thanks to the terrible economy.  In Los Angeles, during the holiday season, you can turn in weapons and get $100 gift cards to Best Buy, Circuit City and one of the local grocery stores.  If you turn in an assault rifle, you can get $200.  In previous years, most people go for the Best Buy or Circuit City cards, but the police there say this year people are asking for cards for the grocery store.  One guy turned in five weapons after stating he lost his job and he needed to feed his family.  The police are getting everything from regular small arms weapons to assault rifles to hand grenades, even antique, foreign shit.

After checking whether or not the guns were used in the commission of a crime, they are melted down.

That’s A Nice Excuse, But Here’s a Ticket Anyway
A woman and her husband were on the way to a hospital to deliver their first child when they decided to get in the HOV lane to keep things moving along.  It was high-traffick time and the woman was already in labour.  They were stopped three times by three different cops.  The first two cops let them go, but the third cop refused to believe the woman was even pregnant.  After stopping two other vehicles, he made the couple wait while he wrote tickets for the other cars and then went back to the couple.  He asked to see proof that the woman was pregnant.  She was wearing a coat, so she opened it.  The cop then wrote them a $100 ticket.  The couple barely made it to the hospital in time.

According to the police department, the officer was within his rights and discretion to write the ticket.  The woman said if it makes them feel better about themselves, she’ll just pay the ticket.

Can’t Let Go
A Florida man was apparently so attached to his father that when he died he just couldn’t let him go.  The father died of natural causes and the son did not want to let him go, so he put the daddy’s body in a freezer.  Weeks later, remorseful about what he’d done, the son wrote out a suicide note for his son and then killed himself.  The grandson had been wondering what happened to his grandfather, and after finding his father dead, he also was able to find his grandfather in the freezer.

Wii want a Wii!
If you’ve been trying to get your hands on a Wii, hurry to Wal-Mart.com fast.  Wal-Mart is in sudden possession of THOUSANDS of Wiis and will sell them only on its website.  This year, the Wii is still the hot thing to get because nothing else special has come out to make people lose their minds.  The basic Wii will sell for $249, and you can get other bundles for about $329.  Some of the bundles include extra controllers or games.  Wal-Mart will also have 2 for $30 games, but they did not list which games they are putting on sale.


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