TSA Sponsored Event #38: Tye’s 29th Birthday Extravaganza

Last night I attended Tykeisha’s 29th Birthday Extravaganza at the Windsor Inn.  I really enjoyed myself.  I hadn’t been to the Windsor Inn in … I don’t even know how long.  I used to go to the Windsor Inn all the time back when I was dating John.  I actually met him there because back then I used to sing karaoke with Wilhelmina and go for reggae night on Sundays.

At any rate, I found her event to be a quaint party shared with family and friends, who were out to enjoy themselves over drinks, food, cake and laughter.  Present:  Tykeisha and her sisters, some of their friends, her mother and few of her friends, my friend Megan White (hahaha), Trent, Sharice and Eric, Steve, Ms. Streater and her sister, and Lanae and Qiana.  To anybody else that was there and I forgot them, I’m sorry!

Despite the freezing weather and the potential for snow, those that came out had a good time.  First, we had dinner while listening to the musical stylings of Windsor Inn regulars who sing karaoke.  Actually, it was more like cats on a hot tin roof, but you can never knock anybody for trying.  Shamara, a friend of Tykeisha’s family, was going to sing for us, but we waited too long to put in a request.  I might have sang too, but I just barely got over strep throat.  I don’t want to subject anybody to that.

One guy, I got a picture of him, who knew Tye’s mom, said he would sing for us.  He sang for us all right.  Uhm, yeah, it was pretty bad, but at least we got a few laughs out of it.  I don’t even remember what he sang, only that he sounded like he had fallen at the bottom of a well after some zombies had attacked him while the Running of the Bulls was going on in the background.  Sad, but true.

After karaoke was over, we watched the Oscar de la Hoya/Manny Pacquiano fight.  Poor Oscar.  Why did you agree to the fight?  The little Filipino (or maybe some kind of Vietnamese) guy beat the crap out of him, and after 7 rounds Oscar gave it up.  His face was pretty much beat in.  I don’t know why  his old ass got into the ring with someone who looked like the damn Asian version of Speedy Gonsalez.  He was just getting beat down.  So sad.

After the fight, the DJs put the music on, and everybody got on the dance floor.  Everybody was just dancing and having a good time.  I even danced because they were playing my favourite hood hits.  Why is everyone surprised that ‘Freaky Girl’ is one of my favourite songs?  Hahaha.  Or that I know all the words to ‘Slob On My Knob?’  I got a playlist on my iPod called Hood Hop that features such trashy hits as ‘Put It In My Mouth’ and ‘She Get It From Her Mama.’

My new camera records video with very good sound and imagery, but I don’t know how to work the flash with the video so none of the video I took came out.  But don’t worry, I might actually read the manual so that next time I come out I’ll be able to record some footage.  Camera shots are good, but I couldn’t quite capture the Lanae/Nye/Qiana Predicament.  That was funny.  Apparently Nye didn’t know that Qiana and Lanae have an agreement.  But that’s cool though, what’s a little ass among friends?

I also wanted to get some footage of Tye’s mom’s friend getting her freak on to ‘Put a Ring On It.’  She was gettin’ it.

Megan White got hit on by a nice guy from Cameroon that bought everybody a round of drinks.  But Megan is currently juggling three other guys and can’t add another one to the rotation.  Maybe next time, Walter!

Tye’s mom is cool.  She gave everybody nick-names.  Trent is Diva and I am White Girl.  She said, ‘You sound just like a white girl!’  I’m cool with that.  No matter how hard I try, I’m never going to sound anything but like I just graduated from Sweet Valley High.  C’est la vie!  : )

I was glad to come out and have a good time with old and new friends.  Seems like every time I come to a TSA sponsored event, I have to meet new TSA workers who know of me, but I don’t know them.  Trent said, ‘I heard about you.’  Great, my reputation preceeds me.

I was also glad to see Ms. Streater.  None of you can ever understand what that lady did for my life.  No, we never hung out or anything like that, or had conversations by phone.  Just the few words she once said to me on the checkpoint when I was going through real rough times really helped me get back on my feet and get things going with my life.  I told her that doesn’t know how the smallest thing you say to someone can have a serious impact.  I’m glad to know that she is doing well and still looking good.  As she always says, ‘Hallelujah!’

I was also glad to see Sharice and Eric.  I haven’t seen him in years, and Sharice was looking good and I saw her baby pictures.  That baby is so cute.  And you know, I don’t normally compliment people’s children.  Eric really convinced me that no matter how far removed you are from TSA, you are still subject to all the drama that is involved.  He has been quit from TSA for THREE long ass years and he even heard about my Psychotic Blog Episode.  He was like, ‘Yeah, I heard you shit real hard on some people.’  Damn.  It’s that serious?

At any rate, Megan White witnessed the Destruction of a Diva in the bathroom.  There is a photo of a woman who looks like a drag queen, and I swear she is not a drag queen, but an actual born woman, but she was a hot mess and didn’t give a damn.  Grandma was gettin’ it all night long.  Every karaoke singer, she was up there providing back up dancing and singing.  But later on, I guess somebody broke her poor little heart because Megan said she was in there screaming and destroying the bathroom.  Later on that night, she was cussing out her best friend.

Besides getting hit on by old men and this young ass boy who was like 14, who said to me, ‘You are a cool ass chick and that’s why I fucks with you.’  Yeah, you don’t know me, how can you fuck with me?  But whatever.  He was like, ‘Yeah, you guys, your whole crew is mad cool.  You guys don’t give a shit but you don’t act like you’re all that, like some people do.’  Apparently, he don’t know me that well!

Hahaha, anyway, we shut the place down.  At last call, lights came on, you don’t have to go home but you gotta get the fuck up outta here.  Then Tye tryin’ to get her flirt on, trying to get the bouncer to carry her out the club with the ‘I have a cramp’ routine.  Yeah, we know!

But he was cute though, so it’s cool.

This party was good, but I cannot wait for Tye’s 30th Extravaganza.  I can’t even say Extravaganza, that is about to be some kind of over the top gala event.  I told Megan that no matter where we are or whatever, Tye’s events always be the best.

For real, for real, I can’t even really call it a TSA Sponsored Event.  Yeah, TSA people were there, but it was much more laid-back and TOTALLY drama free.  Everyone actually had a good time.  Nobody was fighting or none of that mess that usually goes on at TSA sponsored events, so I will just have to say that this was a VIP event because only the Very Important People were there.  Yeah, I know some of you guys were scared of a little bit of snow, or scared to pay $20 to get into the Windsor Inn (I wouldn’t pay that shit either), but that’s cool.  We’ll be lovin’ you long time anyway.

But you missed a good party.  A laid-back event in the company of good friends, doing what we now how to do best:

Enjoy life!


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