Daily News February 17

So Sayeth the Lord
A man from Ohio was riding around in Detroit, Michigan when he came across a woman who had no place to go.  He told her to come with him, and she got in his car and they drove back to his home in Ohio.  After she fell asleep, the man handcuffed her to the bed, stripped off her clothes and put her in an adult diaper.  He kept her like that for 3 days, reading Bible passages to her.  She was never sexually assaulted, but allegedly he tried to suffocate her with a pillow.  When the man fell asleep, she managed to escape but she still was handcuffed with the diaper on.

So… this is what happens when you hitch-hike.  I know the plight of the homeless in the United States is out of control but if some random person is like, “Hey little girl, come live with me,” you might want to think twice.  Luckily, he was only partially a weirdo, some kind of Jesus freak and not a complete psycho that would have cut her up or something bizarre like that.  I guess if I was homeless I would take my chances on the street instead of some random stranger’s house.  So sayeth the Lord.

Google Search:  Nigga!
For about 2 minutes Wikipedia users searching for information on President Obama didn’t find any information on the first black U.S. president, instead they found:  “Nigger, nigger, nigger.”  As you all know, Wikipedia can be edited by anybody.  It prides itself being an encyclopaedia for users by users.  At 444AM, someone edited the site with this new “information,” and at 446AM, Wikipedia administrators caught it and restored the original content.  Unfortunately, Google wasn’t quite so fast.  Anybody using Google to search for Obama, President Obama, or Barack Obama saw results that returned the Wikipedia entry with the 3-N.  It was only after MSNBC.com made inquiries to Google did the search engine change, and that was 4PM… twelve hours after the first mistake.  You know how when you search for something on Google and you get that little one line blurb about what the website is going to be out…. that’s where “nigger” showed up.  Google apologises for the gaffe, but Wikipedia hasn’t said anything.  Just for turnabout though, since Wikipedia is a site that can be edited by anyone, President Obama is not the first person to have his Wiki site fucked with.  President Bush was attacked several times during the course of his presidency, along with other important world leaders of all races.

So… uh, what do we think about this?  Now, as everyone knows, I equally hate both white and black people, so I have something to say on both sides.  It’s not surprising that someone would do something moronic like this because there are some people who are just frothing at the mouth at the thought of a black president, but like I said before, turnabout is fair play, there have been a number of occasions where black people have attacked “crackers” and the “white man” holding him down.  Hatred and idiocy runs both ways, and in this case, everyone is making a big deal because Obama is the first black president.  If he were black president number 12, this wouldn’t even be news.  If he was another white president and someone had written, “Cracker, cracker, cracker,” who would even know it happened?  If this foolishness didn’t directly highlight the sad disintegration of this country, I would have laughed my ass off, because I am a simple person who finds amusement in things that really aren’t funny.

At the end of the article about this fiasco, user comments were posted.

Here is what someone said:

“For all of you who don’t understand the difference of the n word when a
black person says it and what other people want to use it as is
completely different. It is not even spelled the same way. Before y’all
start complaining about all the black people say it to each other why
is it not ok for others to say it, educate yourself about the
difference between the two words. I could give you more info but
spelling the words would probably get my comment flagged.”
  ~Real from New York.

Let’s just analyse the stupidity of this statement. 

“For all of you who don’t understand the difference of the “N” word when a black person says it and what other people want to use as is completely different.”  First of all, Real, learn how to write.  “What other people want to use as is completely different?”  You already sound like an unintelligent bag of waste. 

Real then goes on to say that these two words are not even spelled the same way.  I’m assuming he is trying to claim there is a difference between NIGGA and NIGGER.

So, uhm, what would those differences be?  Black people only say NIGGA because if they said NIGGER, they would accuse each other of sounding too white.  What rapper do you know goes around saying, “What’s up, my nig-GERRRRR?”

Real wants us to educate ourselves on the difference between the two words, but fails to enlighten us how the two words are different.  Uhm, news flash:  it’s the same word, but pronounced differently.  Colloquialisms and regional dialect and all that.

If I say BUTTA instead of BUTTER, is there an entirely different meaning?

This is why I wish I was like Portuguese or something, because black people say stupid stuff like this trying to justify why it’s okay for black people to call each other nigger, excuse me–NIGGA and why if a white person says it, it’s World War Freakin’ III.

So what if someone had hacked the Wiki site and said, “NIGGA, NIGGA, NIGGA?”  Would that be okay?  Since NIGGER is somehow different than NIGGA.

Some black guys told me they say it because it’s like taking ownership of the word away from the white man.  Whatever that’s supposed to mean.  I guess I’m just stupid and not black enough to understand all of this.  It seems to me that if you don’t want someone to call you out your name, then you shouldn’t go around calling your ownself out.  But I guess I’m just too logical for that.

And now all the white people are mad because the black people are making a big deal out of it and the white people are like, “When are we having white history month?” 

See how this is getting out of hand?  I mean, geez, give it up already.


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