Bizarre Dream #4

You ever feel like you are constantly missing the boat?  Like the truth is out there, right before your very eyes, but you cannot grasp it?

I think God is trying to tell me something, has been trying to tell me something for the past few years, but I am just not listening.  I believe the trials and tribulations we face on this earth are God’s way of telling us what paths to take.

Life is not simple.  It would be an Eden if God spoke in plain terms, telling you line for line every little thing you need to do.  The faithless and the skeptical often wonder how God (or whatever Higher Power) would allow some things to happen.  We often question the senselessness of violence, disaster and despair, failing to remember that calm skies and greener pastures follow every bad storm.  There are lessons to be learned in these situations.

No wonder ever questions the validity of good things.  Do you ever hear anybody say, “Why did God let me win this lottery?”  Of course not.  People thank God when something good happens but revile Him when something bad happens.

It is the way of life.  I do not believe the world was meant to be Utopia where everything is wonderful.  We’re fascinating creatures, in that, we can learn, discover and analyse.  But if we’re too blind-sided by what is right in front of us, we might miss our chance at greatness.

There are other forces in the world besides the will of evil.  But if we spend too much time highlighting the darkness of the negative, we fail to see the light. 

I think I am beginning to understand.

I have been looking, but I didn’t see.


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