Daily News March 31

Today is Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today in history:

1880 – Wabash, Indiana became the first time in the whole wide world to be illuminated by electric lights.

1889 – The Eiffel Tower was officially completed.

1918 – Daylight Savings Time went into effect for the first time in the United States.

1999 – 4 New York City cops were charged with murder for killing Amadou Diallo; they were later acquitted

2005 – Terri Schiavo died 13 days after her feeding tube was removed, prompting a huge right to die dispute.

In the News:

Drive-Thru Sleepover
A Utah man is under arrest on drunk driving charges after he was discovered knocked out sleep at a drive thru window.  Since it was late at night, no one noticed that the man was out there taking a nap, until another customer pulled up to place an order.  After he realised nothing was going on, the customer got out of his car and approached the other vehicle.  When he saw the man asleep, he removed the keys from the ignition and called the police.  The man was arrested.

Why are all these drunks falling asleep at the wheel?  Is this an epidemic?

Drive-Thru Shootout

At another totally random drive-thru in Utah, a woman and two men are being sought after they were dismayed to discover that breakfast was still being served at the McDonald’s.  When the woman placed her order, she was told that the lunch menu was not yet available.  One of the passengers in the car became so irate that he jumped out, removed a sawed-off shotgun from the drunk, then fired several rounds into the window.  He got back into the car and everyone fled the scene.  No one was injured.

Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to be visiting any drive-thrus in Utah for awhile since people do not know how to act.

Pistachios, Pistachios, Oh no!

A farm in California has voluntarily recalled a million pounds of pistachios on the suspicion they may be contaminated with salmonella.  The FDA says at this time it is not safe to eat any pistachios as they expect more to be recalled.  The pistachios in question were sold to wholesalers who, in turned, use them in things like trail mixes and ice cream.  After a routine check it was discovered that roasted pistachios were testing positive for salmonella.  Usually, the roasting process
destroys the bacteria, so the farm believes that cross-contamination
may have occurred.

First tomatoes–no, first spinach, then tomatoes, then peanuts, now
pistachios.  Add in all the rat poison and radiator fluid found in
products coming from China, and we will not be able to eat anything. 
Our bodies will have to adapt to swallowing air in order to survive
starvation.  This is getting ridiculous. 

Joke’s On You!
Researchers are still unsure of what may happen tomorrow with the rumours of a deadly computer virus spreading through the internet.  There has been talk of a master computer taking over computers, hacking people’s personal information, or just outright destroying computers.  Since they don’t have any idea what to tell you, I’ll just say that you should be wary of what you download.  Do not accept emails or file attachments from people you do not know, and make sure your anti-virus is up to date, but according to what I’ve been reading, looks like none of that shit will do you any good, anyway.  Good luck!

The Manson Family:  30 Years Later

After being locked in prison for 30 years, the Manson family is begging for their freedom.  The notorious quintet were all sentenced to die but after a moratorium enjoined by the federal government against the death penalty, their sentences were commuted to life sentences.  They were accused of a two-day killing spree outside of Los Angeles at the home of director Roman Polanski, back in 1969.  Susan Atkins, alleged with the murder of 8 month pregnant actress Sharon Tate, is dying of brain cancer.  She begged for a “compassionate release” since she is
paralysed in 85 per cent of her body.  She cannot sit up nor use a
wheelchair.  Her request was denied.  Patricia Krenwinkel murdered
coffee heiress Agnes Folger.  She stabbed another woman present, and used the woman’s husband’s blood to write the word “war” on his
abdomen.  She was faithful to Charles Manson for a long time after the
trial, but reportedly she has turned her life around.  She is up for parole in December.  Leslie van Houten held one of the victim’s down
while she was stabbed to death.  She was 19 at the time.  Charles “Tex” Watson has allegedly become a Christian while incarcerated.  He became an ordained minister in 1983.  He says he accepts full responsibility for his part in the crime, but Charles Manson was “manipulative.”  Charles Watson stabbed 4 of the victims to death and shot two others, including a teenager who was visiting the home.  He is up for parole in November.  All four have been repeatedly denied parole even though they are described as model citizens.  They feel their debt to society has been paid.  All of them are in their 60s.

Charles Watson stated that God has forgiven him of his sins, and you know, God forgives everybody but society is not so loving and merciful.  I think it’s funny how they committed this abomination of a crime, and now they cannot face the time.  If the death penalty  hadn’t been overturned, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.  This woman dying of brain cancer wants a “compassionate release,” but where was her compassion when she stabbed an 8 month pregnant woman?  I don’t see a whole lot of mercy going on there.  They all claimed they were manipulated by Charles Manson, but nobody held a gun to their head, ordering them to kill these people in such a heinous manner.  I believe in the death penalty and it’s too bad that we have such “humane” laws.  Once the death penalty was put back in place, they should have been executed.  But perhaps justice is being far better served.  Can you fathom the misery of dying of brain cancer in a hellhole like a prison?  I cannot imagine she is receiving top care.  And she gets to lay in that prison bed, day in and day out, suffering, thinking about what she did, and hoping that the next day will be her last, only to wake up and relive the agony all over again.  Sorry ’bout your luck!

Thought of the day:

So often we rob tomorrow’s memories by today’s economies.  ~John Mason Brown


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