Senseless Scribbling of an Idiot #22: Memory Lane

I came across an old letter today while cleaning up one of my computer’s for Mitko. I have no idea how long ago I wrote it, but I do know that it was the beginning of the end. It’s funny how you think you are over certain things. All it takes is one little thing: a phrase, a glimpse, even a scent and all the memories just wash over you again.

It hurt just like it hurt back then, perhaps even more so because now I know the sad outcome. Oh, would that I could go back in time, the day before I wrote that letter and do it all over again.

But there’s no guarantees in life. When you’re standing at a crossroads, trying to peer into the future, you have no idea where each path might lead. You said you’d do it over, but who knows of the new outcome. It could be the same, it could better, or it could be worse.

Things happen for a reason, they say. Maybe it was inevitable. There’s no stopping the wind.


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