Right Where You’re Supposed To Be

Do you ever wonder if you’re where you’re supposed to be? Do you ever wonder what might have been had you taken a different path in life? We all do, and here’s a little story about that.


A man lived in some tiny village in some obscure part of the world. Because he really didn’t have any job skills, he was the doorman at a whorehouse. His father had been a doorman before him, and his grandfather before him and even his great-grandfather. The man was a very good doorman at the whorehouse.

One day the owner of the whorehouse said to the man, “I need to improve my business. From now on, every time a customer comes out, do a survey for me. Find out what I need to do to improve my business and write it here on this piece of paper.”

The man could not read and write. The owner said, “That’s too bad; you’re such a good worker, but I only need one person to do the job and I need someone who can write. I’ll give you some compensation, but I’m going to have to fire you.”

The man got fired from his job.

When he went home, he had nothing to do and he noticed that his door needed to be fixed. Two rusty nails were hanging out, making the door crooked. He looked around for a hammer, but didn’t have one. He asked his neighbour for a hammer, but the neighbour didn’t have one. He asked everyone in the whole village and nobody had a hammer. The man walked 10 miles to the next village and bought a whole tool box.

He came home and fixed his door. The neighbour saw him and asked to borrow the hammer. The man said, “Just bring it back when you’re done.” Two days later, the neighbour didn’t bring the hammer back. The man went to the neighbour’s house. “Where is my hammer?” The neighbour explained that the hammer was so helpful that he did so many other things needed to be done. The neighbour offered to buy the hammer. “I’ll buy it from you, plus pay you extra for going to the next village and a little more for profit.” The man agreed.

Soon everyone in the village was coming over to buy something from his toolbox that he bought from the next village. The village was like, “If you keep going and buying toolbox things, we will buy them from you and pay you.” For awhile the man did this and he was making a lot of money. Then he thought, “What if I opened up my own store, so I won’t have to keep walking to the next village?”

He did this. He opened up his own store and he became very rich. He started working on small projects at his store. Everday the projects got more and more extravagant until he was actually building buildings. He built so many buildings that the little village became a town. Because the man always regretted that he could not read or write, he decided to build a school.

When the school was complete, the mayor of the town came to dedicate the school. He had a little book for the man to sign. The mayor said, “Sign this book so we can dedicate it to the school.” The man admitted that he did not know how to read or write.

The mayor was surprised. The man had become so successful. He was the wealthiest man in town. Everybody knew him and respected him. He was astonished the man did not know how to read or write. The mayor said, “What if you could read and write. Man, just think where you would be!”

The man said, “I’ll tell you where I would be. I would be the doorman at the whorehouse.”


Mitko told me this story after karate class tonight. This is deep. I sometimes wonder what might have happened to me if I had finished university the way I’m “supposed to.” What if I had finished my four years with a degree in International Relations? I might have gotten some government job, working 9-5 in some dreary office much like I am now. But I would never have found myself. I might have gone crazy.

I would have never realised my true path, my true potential.

Sometimes you are right where you are supposed to be.


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