Daily News: October 9

Today is October 9th.  This is the 282nd day of the year with 83 to go

Today’s History

In 1446, the Korean alphabet was first published.
In 1701, Yale University was chartered.

Today’s News

Trash Day
Police in Jacksonville, Florida discovered the body of a 71 year old woman under an 8 foot pile of garbage–in her home.  Relatives called police after they hadn’t heard from the woman in a few weeks.  The badly decomposed body and the stack of trash produced a stank so bad the officers could not stay in the home to even look for her body.  They had to bring in the fire department which used their breathing gear and search dogs to unearth the body.  No cause of death has been released.

See how people treat their relatives?  This lady was in her seventies and no one knew she was living like that?  Or they knew and didn’t say anything.  That’s why they called the police instead of going over to the house to check on her.  They didn’t want to wade through “unbelievable squalor,” as the police called it to see if she was all right.  She had been dead for weeks.  Sad.

Trick or Treat!
An Iowa family was leaving for work and school one morning when they opened the door to find a dead deer dressed up in a clown suit on their front porch.  Authorities think it’s probably a prank since it’s almost Hallowe’en, but the family didn’t find Bambi dressed up in a wig and clown suit to be very amusing.  Leaving a dead animal is illegal in Iowa.  In another unrelated incident in Wisconsin, someone left a dead and decapitated moose on top of a public building.  It is unclear whether someone brought the animal up there and killed it, or if it was killed someplace else and then dragged.

Okay, what’s up with the weird animal pranks?  I hope you realise that killing animals is usually a sign of some serious psychosis.  Think about it, neither a deer nor a moose is exactly a featherweight.  I can’t imagine that it was in the slightest bit amusing to haul around an 800 pound moose to the top of a building.  Who would take the time to do something so ridiculous?

New Category for Nobel Prize
As we all know there are five categories for the Nobel Prize:  Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature and Peace.  Of course, you know by now that U.S. President Barack Obama has been awarded with the Peace Prize.  A Taliban spokesman has suggested that Obama receive a prize for violence since he has “escalated violence and killed civillians.”

Uhm, yeah, so I don’t think that’s what Alfred Nobel had in mind, but we do thank you for your suggestion.

Celebrity News

The Duggar family, the midwestern family with all those damn kids, announced the birth of their first grandchild this morning.  Their eldest son Josh was married last year, and he and his wife welcomed their daughter Mackynzie Duggar.  The Duggar patriarch and matriarch have 18 children in all, with the last one being born in December.  They announced in September that number 19 will be here by spring.

I hope you all know that this is a secret plan for them to take over the world.  They will have as many children as earthly possible until the entire earth is filled with Duggars.  If these 18 children have 18 children each, and those 18 children have 18 children each and this continues then the Duggar family will exceed the population of the earth in eight generations.  The rest of us will have no choice but to marry one of them.  Before you know it, we will all be members of the Duggar clan!  Earth will be renamed Duggeropia.

Today’s Thought

The world is divided into people who think they are right.  –Anonymous


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