Daily News: October 13

Today is October 13.  It is the 286th day of the year with 79 to go.

Today’s History

In 1792, the cornerstone of the executive mansion, later known as the White House was laid during a ceremony in DC.
In 1999, the JonBenet Ramsey case was dismissed after prosecutors said there was not enough evidence to charge anyone with the girl’s death.

Today’s News

Thrice Fried
In a strange accident, a family of three were electrocuted and killed as they tried to put up an antenna.  The mother, father, and 15 year old son were all holding onto the antenna when it fell over and hit a power line, sending 13,000 volts of electricity through the antenna.  The mothe died at the scene and father and son were pronounced dead as they arrived at the hospital.

Sometimes it seems like someone really has it out for you.  That sounded like some Final Destination type stuff.

One Way Or Another
A German man who had been booted off a train for failure to buy a ticket, decided to moon the train conductors and ended up being dragged for about 200 meters.  The man got on the train and was asked to leave after it was discovered he hadn’t bought a ticket.  When he got off the train, he dropped his pants and pressed his butt up against the window to moon the train conductors.  The train started rolling and his pants got caught on something.  The train dragged him for 200 meters, but he was able to keep his legs from rolling under the train wheels.  Another passenger on the train saw what was happening and pulled the emergency brake.  The man now faces several charges including interference of rail transport.  He may also have to pay a large fine because the train was delayed for more than an hour and caused 23 other trains to be delayed.  The man says he is sorry and doesn’t suggest that anybody else try this at home.

I guess he figured one way or another he was going to get his train ride, whether he was inside the train, running alongside it, or hitched to the side.  This guy could have been killed or seriously injured.  I can’t imagine being dragged by a train is a fun way to die.

I Shall Have My Vengeance
An Indian man who was in court for stealing a ceiling fan has confessed to killing at least 11 women because another woman refused to marry him.  The man had been arrested after he was caught stealing a ceiling fan from a mosque.  While he was being questioned in court, he randomly said that he was responsible for the deaths of 11 women in the area, whose murders all remained unsolved.  The first woman he killed was the wife of his brother in law.  The other women were all aged 17 to 35.  He would lure them in by telling them he was interested in marriage.  When asked why he killed these women, he told the judge because he had been rejected by another woman 15 years ago.  He said out of vengeance he would kill 101 women.  He did not say whether he had killed that woman or not.  The man is now married with two kids, but he said he has never forgotten his vow and began killing the women in 2007.

See how people are not wrapped right?  So this woman rejected him.  That’s most unfortunate, but you see he was able to find another woman and start a family.  Why did he feel the need to continue this “vow” and kill these other women who had nothing to do with the first woman?  Perhaps I could see if he started killing off her family, or maybe even her, but random women who had nothing to do with that initial rejection.  How does that even make sense, and on top of that, he was at the court because he stole a ceiling fan and then he just came out with, “Yeah, I killed 11 women.”  Uhm… I hope they have the death penalty over there in India and since it’s a third world country, I hope it’s gruesome and inhumane.

That’s My Ride
A Kansas man has been arrested after he stole an ambulance during a night of drinking.  The ambulance was parked in an area where there are plenty of bars and specialty shops.  The crew was responding to an emergency when a random guy came out of a bar and jumped into the ambulance.  He led the police on a brief, low-speed chase through the small town.  When he eventually stopped he told police he took the ambulance because he had no other way of getting home.

Uhm… first of all, why would you think that it’s okay to take an ambulance?  Secondly, if you are drunk, why are you trying to drive at all?  But then again, most drunks are never rational.  I just can’t see me stumbling out of a bar and into an ambulance.  How am I going to explain why an emergency vehicle is parked in my driveway?

Porn and Viagra:  The Necessities of Life
A store in Detroit has been closed after it was discovered the employees were allowing customers to purchase alcohol, pornography and Viagra with their food stamp cards.  Customers could also get cash if they allowed the store employees to charge an excess amount to the card.  The employees would then file for reimbursement with the U.S. Government in a scam that resulted in more than $100,000 in two years.  All three employees have been arrested.

So, you do know that food stamps are only for the basic necessities of life.  There are serious restrictions as to what type of food you’re allowed to buy.  You can’t get Froot Loops, but you can get Fruit Rings.  So you mean my tax dollars are hard at work so someone can get his rocks off?  Thanks.  Thanks a lot.

Me and My Best Friend
A Houston man has been arrested on drug charges after he was found sleeping in a closet with a dead body.  Apparently, both men had been doing drugs some time that day and eventually found themselves in a closet.  One man fell asleep and the other one died, although the cause is not immediately known at this time.  Initially, the man who was still alive was charged with abuse of a corpse, both those charges have been dropped.

Well, isn’t that disturbing?  But first of all, I need to understand why they get in the closet in the first place?  Yeah, I know when you’re on drugs you don’t really make a lot of sense, but what was it about a closet?  So you climb up in the closet and one man falls asleep while the other one dies.  Did the guy die before the other guy fell asleep?  He was like, “Aww, man, my friend died.  Well, anyway, I’m tired.  G’night!”

Today’s Thought

Nobody holds a good opinion of a man who holds a low opinion of himself.  ~Anthony Trollope


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