Daily News November 25

Today is Wednesday, November 25, 2009.  It is the 329th day of the year with 36 to go.

Today’s History

In 1963, the body of President John F. Kennedy was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.
In 2002, President George W. Bush signed legislation creating the Department of Homeland Security.

Today’s News

Daddy Daycare
An Indianapolis man has been arrested after he left his son in a tractor trailer while he went into a strip club to have a drink.  The child is five years old.  The man left the boy in the cabin of the tractor trailer watching cartoons so he could go inside and have a couple.  When he left the strip joint, he was so drunk that he couldn’t find his truck so he thought someone had stolen it.  He called the police to report the truck and his child missing.  The police informed him that the truck was still in the parking lot where he had left it.  They charged him with child neglect for leaving the child unattended in a high crime area and public intoxication. 

What do you tell your kid when he grows up?  “Hope that didn’t traumatize you, kid, sitting in the parking lot of a strip club while daddy gets his rocks off.”  The report states that the mother came to pick up the child and the husband.  I’m wondering why he didn’t just take his kid home, or call his wife and tell her to come get the kid.  Actually, I’m wondering why she just didn’t leave the husband at the jail, get her kid and just go home.  I hope she doesn’t intend to stay married to someone that would leave her child in the parking lot of a strip club.

A 13-year-old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome, who had been missing for 11 days, was found wandering the subway.  Asperger’s Syndrome is similar to autism.  The boy had been at school when he ran away because he thought he was in trouble.  When the mother called the police to report him missing, they blew her off stating that many teenage children run away from home.  She tried to explain about her son’s condition.  Children with Asperger’s have difficulty socializing and communicating; they generally won’t ask for help because they are too shy to approach someone they don’t know.  The kid had a few dollars in his pocket and survived by eating lollipops and bags of chips he bought from vending stands.  When authorities found him, he was still in the same clothes he’d been wearing the day he went missing.  The mother says the police didn’t even try to help her until the boy had been missing five days because they thought he was just another runaway.

That’s messed up.  What if something had happened to that boy?  Yeah, a lot of teenagers do run away but the mother told the police that he was retarded and they pretty much blew her off.  Retarded kids run away too but mostly because they are scared and don’t know what to do.  Luckily he wasn’t too retarded because he knew enough to buy himself something to eat and he stayed in the subway system so he wasn’t exposed to the cold.  I know I couldn’t survive 11 days on the streets. 

F– Me Up, Facebook
Authorities believe a posting on Facebook encouraged some bad ass schoolchildren to beat up a boy because he had red hair.  Police found a Facebook posting declaring Friday to be “Kick a Ginger Day,” in which people were supposed to go around and kick redheads.  The red-headed boy at a middle school in California was beat up in two separate occasions on Friday.  It is possible that the Facebook posting was derived from a South Park episode.  The boy was not seriously injured and no one has been arrested.

Kick a Ginger Day…yeah.  That’s all I’ma say about that.

F– My Life, Facebook
A Canadian woman is taking her employer to court after they revoked her benefits due to some pictures she posted on Facebook.  The woman had been on extended leave because she was diagnosed as clinically depressed.  She was relying on sick leave benefits to help pay her bills, but the company stopped paying the benefits when she started posting pictures of her at parties and on vacation.  They said if she was feeling good enough to go to a party then she was feeling well enough to go back to work.  The woman claims that her shrink told her to help battle depression she should treat herself and take herself out.  The photos included Chippendale dancers, a birthday party and a beach holiday. 

More than ever people are using our social networking sites to spy on us.  I’ve recently read a story where a woman was denied her degree after she posted a picture of herself drunk at a party.  The woman was getting her teaching degree.  The school contended that the woman wouldn’t be a good candidate to be a teacher since she was getting trashed.  I completely disagree with the fact that people are using our business against us, but until there’s some kind of legislation against it, we have to protect ourselves.  Although there’s ways around everything, make your social sites private.  I guess whoever “they” are thinks we should be sitting in our houses with the lights off in order to fit into this neat little square of morality “they” have created for us.  A party is a perfectly reasonable place to be drunk, but if there had been children present, than maybe this isn’t somebody you would want to have as a teacher.  There’s a difference.  This woman was depressed, so she should probably get out, get some fresh air, enjoy life to bring her spirits up.  Or maybe, according to the insurance company, she should have sat in the house and slit her wrists, proving that she really was depressed.  People are so stupid.

Fighting Fat
Peruvian police have arrested several members of a gang that have been going around killing people for their fat.  They were using the fat for cosmetics.  The gang confessed to killing at least five people for their fat.  Two were arrested with about $60,000 worth of liquid fat in bottles.  Even though fat has a cosmetic use, there isn’t a huge black market value for the stuff.  The gang would attack a victim, kill him, and then cut off his head, arms and legs.  The organs would then be removed so that they could drain the fat into tubes.  The police are continuing to investigate the disappearance of 60 other people who may have been victims of this fat-snatching gang.

Well, there’s certainly a new way to lose weight:  have a gang member kill you and suck the fat out of your body.  All the Hollywood stars will be jumping on this one.  In the old days, they used to steal your teeth, now they want your fat.

Daddy Daycare, Part 2
A Minnesota man admitted that he spoke only Klingon (a fake alien language from Star Trek) to his child for the first three years of his life.  He said he was interested in whether the boy would acquire it like any other human language.  He said he wanted to understand how children learn languages better.  The wife spoke to the child in English.  The boy is now in high school, but the father had long since stopped speaking to him in Klingon because it was obvious the kid didn’t like it and wouldn’t respond.  He said he didn’t want to make it into a problem.

Uhm.  It already is a problem.  If I was the wife I would have been like, “Either speak a real language or I’m divorcing you.”  What if he had messed up the child’s language learning abilities?  What if the kid never learned how to speak English (or any other language) properly?  What if he developed some other mental issue?  When the boy starts swinging from the rafters pretending he is a Klingon then what?  People just don’t think.

Today’s Thought

Self is the only prison that can bind the soul. ~Henry van Dyke


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