Optional, For Use On Longer Entries #4

I am frustration up.

I’m sitting at my desk and I get this overwhelming sweet tooth.  I decide that I would like to have myself an ice cream bar.  I go downstairs to our little cafeteria thingie.  Oh, they don’t sell ice cream bars.  They only sell nasty soft serve ice cream.  I look around for something to satisfy my sweet tooth.  I find nothing I’m interested in.  Then I remember that there are a rack of vending machines on the second floor and one of them is refrigerated!  It is bound to sell ice cream bars.

I get up there, and yes, there is a refrigerated vending machine.  It doesn’t sell ice cream bars.  IT SELLS MILK.  Ugh.  Fine, I guess I’ll get a candy bar.  I don’t really like candy bars because I find the chocolate to be sub-standard.  I prefer to eat high quality Belgian or Swiss chocolates, but of course I’m not finding that in a vending machine.  My eye falls on a Rice Krispie Treat.  I like these.  It’s not chocolate, and neither is it ice cream, but it’ll do.

I dig in my pocket to get some money.

I have 67 cents in change.  The Rice Krispie Treat is 75 cents.  There is a bill changer next to the machine.  I dig in my pocket again and pull out three five dollar bills.  The machine only changes dollars.

Oh my God. 

All I wanted was an ice cream bar.  I mean, seriously.  Why is everything always so difficult?


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