Daily News March 1

Today is Monday, March 1, 2010.  It is the 60th day of the year with 305 days to go.

Today’s History

In 1790, President George Washington signed a measure authorizing the first U.S. Census.
In 1867, Nebraska became the 37th state.
In 1932, Charles Lindbergh Jr was kidnapped from his home in New Jersey.
In 1961, President John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps.

Today’s News

So You Think You’re Slick
A Baltimore inmate serving three life terms for attempted murder is back behind bars after he was mistakenly released.  Police say Raymond Taylor swapped identities with his cellmate of similar appearance so that he could get released from prison.  The cellmate gave Taylor his prison ID, and Taylor memorized his identification number.  Taylor was asked several times by various prison officials to produce his ID and the identification number.  All three times the ID was checked and eventually Taylor was released from prison.  Taylor’s cellmate was the one who was actually supposed to be released.  That is how prison authorities realized they had the wrong person.  Several hours after Taylor was gone, the cellmate began banging on the door demanding to be released.  Taylor was caught a day later in West Virginia.  The cellmate who would have been free as a bird, now faces an additional 10 years for conspiracy to aid a prisoner’s escape.

Stupid.  That guy could be out in the real world, enjoying a cold on but he got caught up with this clown. Taylor is in for life after attempting to kill his girlfriend and her kids.  I do wonder if Taylor somehow forced the cellmate to comply, or did they think of this idiotic scheme together.  If they were smart, and most criminals sadly are not, the cellmate would have waited a few days, rather than a few hours, so that Taylor could really get away.  I don’t know how he thought, “Okay, you go first and then in a minute I’ll be like, ‘hey, let me out.’”  As you can see that’s not how it works.

Snow Show
Pittsburgh emergency response systems are under investigation after a 50 year old man died while waiting for an ambulance that never came during the big snowstorm in early February.  The man called 911 to report that he had severe abdominal pain and needed help.  The operator told him that help was on the way.  The man and his girlfriend called 10 more times over the course of 30 hours.  In late January, the man had been in the hospital for nine days due to an inflammation of the pancreas.  He was home recovering when the power went out during the major snow.  Each time he called 911, it was treated as a new call because the operators were not passing on information between shift change.  He was also told that he would have to walk to the ambulance because they could not reach him because of the snow.  Twice, an ambulance was a quarter mile from the house but they claimed they could not get any closer because of a snow covered bridge.  On a third occasion, an ambulance did get across the bridge and made it about 100 yards from the house but none of the paramedics attempted to walk to the house.  They told the man that he would have to walk to them.  Approximately 19 calls were made to 911 before the girlfriend realized he was dead.  After calling 911 for the final time, it took emergency personnel two minutes to show up.

This happened during the first snow we got.  Pittsburgh got two feet of snow.  Pittsburgh is a city that gets heavy amounts of snow, but I know it came down pretty hard and fast for awhile.  I can understand the ambulance not being able to get through some spots, but I don’t understand why the paramedics didn’t get out and try to walk.  I know nobody wants to walk in all that, but if that’s your job and what you signed up to do, you have a duty to try and save some guy’s life.  It’s absolutely crazy they called 19 times and then they responded so quickly only after he died. 

Insult to Injury
A Russian man in Moscow not only has to deal with the trauma of a suicide attempt, but he must also pay for it.  A Russian court has decided that he will have to pay $3330 to a girl that he fell on while attempting to commit suicide.  The man had been arguing with his ex-wife when he jumped out of a nine storey window.  A seven year old girl walking down the street happened to be in the way and broke his fall.  The girl is still in hospital but is expected to recover. 

Not only did he screw up trying to kill himself, he managed to injure someone else in the process, and now he has to pay for it.  As you can see suicide is not the answer.

Ninja Mom
Tennessee police have arrested a woman who tried to confront the parents of kids that bullied her child at school.  The woman was apparently drunk after chugging down a 40 ounce bottle of malt liquor then decided to run screaming through a school hallway with a sword.  The day before, her child had got into a spitting match with several other students, and the woman wanted to confront the parents of those kids.  Police arrived to find the woman with one of those canes that has a concealed sword in it.  She is charged with aggravated assault and having a weapon on school property.

So her kid was getting picked on at school and the best way to solve this problem was to show up trashy drunk with a sword.  That poor kid… I hope you realize, mom, that you have solidified your kid’s status as the one to be bullied for the rest of his school life.  Thanks, mom.  I didn’t know you cared.

A Life of Crime
An 80 year old woman has been sentenced to three years in state prison after she broke into a medical office in California and stole some cash.  The woman has a 55 year long criminal record.  She has used 27 aliases and has been in jail several times.  During her arraignment, she actually thanked the judge for not sending her to Los Angeles County jail because she “doesn’t like that one.”  Grandma will be eligible for parole in 18 months.

I guess you got to stick with what you know, but I need Grandma to get another job though.  Eighteen months is a lifetime when you’re 80 years old.  I hope she don’t die in there.

Butt Dialling
Two Florida teenagers are under arrest after one of them accidentally butt-dialled 911 while they were breaking into people’s cars.  The two teens, aged 19 and 13, were overheard by a 911 operator discussing which items had the most monetary value while they were digging through the cars they had broken into.  The operator dispatched an officer to the area and spotted one of the kids inside a car. 

This is why you aren’t supposed to bring your cell phone to work. 

Today’s Thought

There is one thing more powerful than the armies of the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.  –Victor Hugo 


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