So my co-worker thinks that Hollywood has lost its originality.  I quite agree with him.  He said he is tired of watching these wastrel films coming out lately.  He’s tired of remakes and rip-offs.  He says,

The last original film out of Hollywood is Snakes on a Plane.

I think he just might be right.  Snakes on a Plane came out in 2006.  It wasn’t that great a movie but it did seem a bit original in concept about some agent battling snakes on a plane.  Very corny, but entertaining, I suppose.

So my friend challenged me to find an original movie that came out after Snakes on a Plane.

The movie cannot be:

  • A documentary
  • An arthouse/independent film
  • A remake
  • A ripoff
  • A sequel
  • A prequel
  • From a book
  • From a video game
  • From a TV show

It has to be an entirely original concept, something that has not been done before in Hollywood.  Meaning, let’s say Percy Jackson and Harry Potter weren’t based off books, well, neither of them would qualify because they are both obviously about a boy with some special powers going through his school years.  Not original ideas.  See what I mean?

We also decided to cut out arthouse and independent films because we know for the most part they are original, but many of them do not get wide distribution.  Someone may mention a movie that we’ve never even heard of.  We’re talking about a regular movie, out of Hollywood, hitting the theatres in the hopes of becoming the next blockbuster film.  The movie doesn’t have to be the best movie ever, just an original concept. 

I’m going to be doing my own research because I couldn’t think of anything right off the top of my head.  But if ya’ll could help me out, it’d be greatly appreciated.


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