A Message From Your Local Church

As I was researching for my Daily News blog posts, I came across this billboard picture.  It was posted by a church an Anglican Church in Auckland, New Zealand.  In case you didn’t know, Anglican is a denomination of the Christian faith, descended from the original Church of England.  Anglican is like a mash-up of Roman Catholicism, Protestanism, and Eastern Orthodoxy.  Anglicans are the third largest Christian group, right after the Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox.

So, now you have your little history lesson.  An Anglican Church posted this billboard right before Christmas.  The Church said the knew some people would be offended, but the billboard was intended to amuse, provoke thought, and liberate people from certain mindsets.  Naturally, many people were quite offended by the billboard, calling it “offensive,” “blasphemous,” even “pornographic.”  Some requested that the billboard be removed on those grounds, but it was determined by New Zealand authorities that because no one is actually naked in the billboard that it wasn’t technically obscene. 

The billboard was vandalised then stolen.  The church put up another one, and that one was also vandalised and stolen. 

Take a look for yourself.  What do you think?  Obscene?  Pornographic?  Offensive?  Blasphemous?  Or do you find it amusing?  Do you feel liberated by looking at this?  Is it thought-provoking?  What do you think? 


Speak your mind:

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