Optional, For Use On Longer Entries #5

There is a reason for everything!

Two weekends ago I had a smallish barbecue over my house.  It was the usual fare:  chicken, steaks, whatever.  We bought one of those gigantic steaks, like the ones for London broil.  Anyway, it came out a little tough and my friend said that he would cut it before we served it.  I only have two knives (not like dinner knives or steak knives) and I said they were both really, really dull. I do have a knife sharpener, I just never get around to sharpening them. It takes time to do them properly.

He told me I should sharpen them.  “I’ll get right on it,” I promised, but I never sharpened the knives.  Since I’m not sawing large chunks of meat on a daily basis, I don’t really care.

So anyway, last night, I’m slicing onions for an omelet.  Yes, I’m using my dull ass blade, but for some reason I got distracted.  I don’t know what happened but the knife slipped and it sliced right across my hand.  To be such a dull ass blade, it sure did cut quite deeply.  Now, if that knife had been properly sharpened, I might have sliced my entire finger right off!

And you know what finger it is?  It’s my middle finger! I need that finger.

It’s my favourite one.


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