Misadventures of the Village Idiot #43

I had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.  It was one of those weekends where you’re sorry it has to end.

Friday, I dipped out of work early like I normally do so I could laze around the house for a little while before going to dinner with Mitko.  I haven’t been out with him in a very long time.  I think I hadn’t seen him since November, right after I quit the karate school.  I quit going because Mr. Al (the owner) and I got into it over his unprofessional practises.  I was pleased to hear from Mitko that Mr. Al has since sold the school.  I will be returning to my karate lessons very soon.

Mitko and I went to our favourite place, the Double T Diner in Catonsville.  It became our favourite place after randomly going there for dinner on New Year’s Eve two years ago.  We originally were supposed to go to P. F. Chang’s but the wait time was about three hours.  Instead of wasting time there, I said, “Well, all the nice places will be crowded.  I know a cheap diner.”  We ended up having a freakin’ feast, spending about $60, which is A LOT of food at the Double T.  We had everything from pancakes and eggs to a Belgian waffle sundae and a salmon fillet and potatoes, French toast and a steak.  It was really quite ridiculous we ordered so much food.

Friday night we kept it to a minimum and just caught up on old times.  I am helping him find a new place to stay because he is in a situation he no longer wants to be in.  I’m very excited to be going back to karate class.  It’s been a goal of mine for a very long time to earn a black belt.

I woke up early on Saturday because I was supposed to join my meetup group in DC for the cherry blossom festival.  I ended up inviting SF to go along with me because she had never really seen the monuments before.  I am glad I brought her along because I was unable to find the meetup group.  The organiser, Lauren told us that she would meet us at the steps of the Jefferson memorial and then we’d find a place to picnic.  She left her phone number so we could call her and I called her about eight times.  Not only did she never answer, but she also did not return my calls.

SF and I found our own spot and picnic’ed on about two dozen chocolate chip cookies, a kiwi and a banana.  I ended up giving the cookies away to some college guys next to us because there were just too many damn cookies to be dragged around from one end of the National Mall to the next.  We sat out by Jefferson for about an hour and talked about the military and wars.  I don’t even know how we got on the subject but we must have had an entire history lesson’s worth of information on World War II and Viet Nam.  I think we got on that subject because I was telling her about my new favourite movie Across the Universe which is about the Viet Nam war and the draft and all its implications.

After leaving Jefferson, we walked over to Lincoln and sat on the steps for a little while.  But before that, SF performed a water rescue.  Actually, it wasn’t a water rescue, but it could have been.  As you know, there were a shit-ton of people out there for the cherry blossoms, people with families and their kids, and these people were not paying attention to their small toddler who was walking at breakneck speed towards the reflecting pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial.  The parents were just staring at the kid and finally SF just plucked the kid up and gave him back to his parents.  Please pay more attention to your children, okay, thanks.

We sat at Lincoln for awhile, then walked back up the other side towards the Washington Monument before deciding to call it a day.  It was only afterwards that I realised we were out there for about six hours.  It took us awhile to get home because the subways were PACKED.  Then the stupid subway guy told us to get on the wrong train.  Dumbass.  What if we had gone all the way to VA?  I would have been so mad.

When we got back to our neck of the woods, we strolled through the terribly defunct Laurel Mall to buy incense and then had dinner at the cheap ass Chinese buffet round the corner from my house.  It was then decided that we would go to a party with some of her professional acquaintances.  The night proved to be wildly entertaining.  First of all, it is very difficult to ascertain the level of something from someone you do not know.  Classy to you may not be classy to them.  Upscale, luxurious, trendy, these are always words that are highly subjective.  If you don’t know the source, how can you know precisely how upscale, luxurious, classy or trendy?

Anyway, luckily, I look good no matter what and I never have to worry about not being properly dressed for an event.  We went to a placed called Lux in Baltimore.  It’s another of those lounge type places where everyone dresses to impress so they can see and be seen.  This place was much better than the other lounge I went to because at Lux they actually danced, instead of just standing around and looking cute or getting trashed.  The music was not bad, and at least I could dance to it, but it is still not as good as down south music.  I won’t complain since I did actually get to dance and I did not have a horrible time.

I was amused by the poorly dressed individuals though.  Baltimore girls just cannot dress.  I saw everything from pastels mixed with metallics.  Heavy girls wearing spots.  Super skinny girls in vertical stripes.  Bad shoes.  All white outfits even though Easter had not yet commenced.  One girl was in an all white jean outfit.  Seriously.  All white.  Jean.  Then there was the girl with the busted looking weave, like she had been looking for party ribbons at Ollie’s.  The dress she wore was okay, even if her tan mama matronly bra was hanging out the back and her tired, sad looking shoes had seen better days, with her poorly manicured feet hanging over the edges looking like vulture’s claws.  I think that was the best part, just people watching and looking at clothes.  I like doing that, just watching.

The highlight of the night was the super drunk girl who first said her purse had been stolen, then someone had taken it, then it was left somewhere, then it was supposed to be in the bathroom.  Turns out she just left it lying in the middle of the hallway.  She was too drunk to hear her own name being called over the loud speaker because SF had found her purse.  The sad part is that the girl was apart of our group but we never really put two and two together until after we left the club so who even knows if she got her purse back.

I woke up Sunday morning feeling like I had just run the Boston marathon.  All that fresh air, staying out all night must have taken its toll.  I did get up and cleaned up the house a little bit.  It was Easter, but since I don’t celebrate Easter, I didn’t have anything planned.  SF did invite me to her family’s house for supper, but  Easter is the one holiday I don’t prefer to spend with other people because it really goes against my personal beliefs and I don’t like to offend people in their own home, especially when a friend has taken the time and courtesy to invite me someplace.  I’ll do  Christmas but just not Easter.

SF and I had planned to go see that Tyler Perry film (strictly for educational purposes, mind you.  A blog is forthcoming), but her family sat down to dinner quite late and I ended up on the couch anyway.  I’ll probably see it later this week. The only reason I’m watching the film is so I can write a blog about it.  Otherwise, you know I would not give him my money.  In fact, I am thinking about paying to go see Clash of the Titans and then sneaking into the Tyler Perry movie, just so he won’t profit from me.

Anyway, I decided to have my own anti-Easter barbecue in my backyard so I could enjoy the fine weather.  I grilled some Cornish hens and some vegetables and I sat out there reading until it was nearly dark.  When I came back in the house, I had all these Netflix movies I was supposed to watch but I ended up falling asleep very early then waking up in the middle of the night goof off on the internet and watch train wreck TV (aka late night television).

I already planned to be late into work on Monday.  I usually am on Mondays.


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