Misadventures of the Village Idiot #45

What an odd weekend.  Well, not so odd, really, just seemed long, but not long in a good way.

Friday, I fell asleep on my couch like usual.  More and more I’m coming to find that I don’t like doing anything on Friday nights when I get home from work.  I’m always so tired.  I lay down for a little bit and then I don’t want to wake back up.  Maybe I need to stop laying down.  I’ll try it this coming weekend and see what happens.

Saturday morning I woke up early and went for a run in Russett.  It’s a great place to run even though it’s treacherous with hills.  I’m running the route faster and faster, and soon I’ll need to move on to another more aggressive route.  I’m surprised that I like running.  It’s so… active.

After that, I did some shuffling up in my apartment.  I’m so ready to vacate the place.  My neighbour’s kid is just at that age where he is the most annoying, the age where children cease being cute and become little brats.  He’ll be two years old in June.  He’s very active and running about the place, screaming.  For some reason, my neighbours let him know that playing ball in the house is acceptable.  The screaming is not even the problem, neither is her horrible singing in the kitchen.  It’s that damn ball.  They gave him a basketball and he bounces it from one end of the house to the other all day long.  I also realised that he took the soccer ball that was downstairs in the laundry room.  They taught him how to kick the ball, so he just kicks the ball into the wall.  It’s the rattling that is driving me insane.  He runs so hard across the floor that the lights flicker.  One time they flickered so hard that they went off for a whole hour.

Yeah, that’s why it’s time to go.  I thought about paying to soundproof the place but really I need to find some place else, but my apartment hunting has been fruitless.  Either the place is too expensive or something is missing.  I’ll eventually find some place, but for now, I guess I’m just going to lose my mind.

I took myself out for an early lunch on Saturday, up to the Chinese buffet around the corner.  Nothing special.  I ate so much and got itis so bad, that I had to lay down for a mid-afternoon nap.  After which, I went to visit Maq because she bought a new car.  I want a new car.  I’m going to get one, but only after this whole apartment thing is settled.  Maq bought a Jeep something.  You know I don’t know cars from Adam.  It’s really nice and she likes it.  Way better than her old car.  Her boys said they liked the new car and was glad to see the old car go because the old car was dirty.  LMAO.  Kids say the damnedest things.  I would have stayed over to chat with her a little bit longer but I wanted to go out.  I had my heart set on dancing this weekend and I was unwilling to let anything get in the way of that.

I went into DC to Midnight, and I had a great time.  I knew the music would be on the heavier side because it was advertised as such, so I was dressed appropriately.  Everything was going great, even the DJ played a song I requested, until the guest DJ started playing.  My God, what alley did they drag this guy from?  He was terrible.  All his CDs were scratched.  I didn’t know any of the music he played.  Then he played long transitional songs and he was trying to be cute and creative with his spinning, but it just wound up being a disaster.  He had the dance floor empty most of his set.  I was glad that he didn’t have long to play but unfortunately he had the prime spot and I don’t like to be in the club all hours of the night.  So it was like I only got an hour to dance.  Damn him.  I’ll just make sure never to come out on a night that he’s guesting, because I won’t be able to take that nonsense.

I decided to drive through my potential new neighbourhood after the club.  It is strange that I am not the slightest bit apprehensive about moving into the ‘hood.  Maybe it’s because I lived in Baltimore.  If I could survive that toilet, I guess I can survive anywhere.  I’ve already been mugged and robbed and witness to violent crime.  What else could happen?  I guess I should not be so cavalier, because there are other things to worry about.  I certainly don’t want to be a victim of violent crime and I shouldn’t like to come home to find that my house has been burgled.  I did look up some crime statistics and I’m seeing that a large bit of the crime has to do with car thefts.  I’ve already been on Amazon.com to see how much The Club costs.  Only $30.00, a wise investment, I’d consider it.  Thirty dollars could save me thousands.  I do not know why more people do not use it if they live in areas that are prone to car thievery.

Unfortunately, because it was pouring down raining, I was unable to get an accurate assessment of the neighbourhood.  Most lunatics do not hang about on street corners in the wee hours of the night in the middle of a torrential downpour.  At least that says something, though.  Because if there were junkies loafing on the corner in the middle of a torrential downpour, that would be precisely the type of neighbourhood I am not looking for.  I did notice a police car sitting on the corner, so I’m wondering what that’s all about.  Maybe the car thieving.  My potential roommate told me that a police car is often in the neighbourhood because there are several stop signs people like to run.  Somehow I cannot imagine that’s all the reason for the police car.  Anyway, I drove down the street and through the alley and didn’t see anything nefarious.  I really do need to go past there on a night that is not so weather-ishly challenged so I can come with a more accurate assessment.

I spent most of the day, actually, the entire day looking at apartments.  I started off in Beltsville, and that place was gi-normous, unfortunately so was the rent.  I do not know why I made an appointment to see an apartment at that price knowing that I would never pay it.  It didn’t even come with every single utility included.  I would have to buy my own internet, which puts the rental price well over $1000.  Absolutely  not.  It was nice though with so much storage and cabinet space.  I like that.  Oh well.

Then I went into Silver Spring.  That place was small.  It was also strangely designed.  The woman said she didn’t want to break it up into bedrooms because the windows were only on one side of the apartment, so she just left it like it was and it was all quite awkward.  It was bright and there was a full bathtub like I’ve been dreaming of, but there was no separate entrance and I don’t feel like being fooled up with her dog every time I come home in the middle of the night.

The last place was in DC.  I liked the place but I would have three boogsie roommates.  I’m not sure I could deal with that.  It doesn’t matter anyway, because I found out this morning that they’ve already rented the place out.  I think they saw I was not their type, which is perfectly fine with me.  That place didn’t utilities included either and that made the rent more than I wanted.  The only good thing is that the location was prime, in the middle of where I would like to be and the essence of city living.  Oh well.

I had one more place to look, but I drove all the way out there and didn’t even go and see the place.  It was in Silver Spring, but it was not easily accessible.  I had to do all this turning and up and down and back and forth and I was like, oh God, I would have to do this every day to work?  No thanks.  I drove past the house, which was very beautiful and just kept on going.  I ended up at the Target on Cherry Hill/Randolph.  I didn’t even know all that stuff was back there.  I was looking for house stuff.  Whatever happens to me, I need new furnishings something fierce.

I’m on the phone with SF, watching some 17 year old kid climb into a refrigerator, and as soon as I hang up with her, this guy behind me says, “So, are you ready for the tornado?”

Ex-squeeze me?  Baking powder?  (You may not understand that.)

Anyway, I had no idea a tornado was headed for this direction.  The man says the tornado is Montgomery County, which is the next county over.  He said it so blase, like the next county over is three hours away for something.  We were actually in Montgomery County, if I do remember correctly.  I’m not sure, I might have just crossed back over into Prince George’s, whatever.  Anyway, the guy just went on and on about the tornado while I was checking out.  He talked to me so much that he distracted me and I could hardly pay attention to the cashier who was trying to get me to pay.


It was actually quite foggy and creepy as I made my way home, and I was so desperately tired.  Of course, I couldn’t sleep at the hour I wanted to sleep because the kid upstairs was playing soccer.  Every time I try to soften up towards children, they always do something that annoys me.  I know parents are like, “But that’s how kids are and you’ll feel differently when you have your own.”  Yeah, sure.  What if I don’t?  What then?  I’ll be stuck with some kid for the rest of my life.  Since I wasn’t able to sleep, I sat up watching Blade Runner. What a bizarre film.  It’s supposed to be one of those classics, but I couldn’t see the appeal.  It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but certainly wasn’t the best.

They finally quieted down upstairs and I took shower and got in bed.  Just when I was getting all sleepy and drowsy, they started up again.  It’s 11 o’clock at night!  Why is the kid still playing soccer?  I need to move, but I don’t want to move out of desperation.  I hate that feeling and then everything is all so rushed and annoying.

I didn’t fall asleep till quite late, which was fine since I had no intention of waking up early for work.


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