Totally Random #7: Randomly Asking For Large Sums of Money

So I randomly just got an email from my piano teacher requesting to borrow $2800.  In case you didn’t know, I recently switched piano teachers because the previous teacher sucked.  My new teacher is a slim, young Asian woman who lives in the neighbourhood around the corner from mine.  Her neighbourhood is far more upscale and when I entered her home, it was obvious to me that she, or her parents, came from money.

I’ve only had one lesson with her so far, so we don’t exactly know each other.  I can’t imagine what made her think I would loan her $2800. Here is the email for your amusement:

How are you? I’m Sorry to bother you but I need your assistance urgently, I am presently in England for a Program, I didn’t inform you about my traveling because I thought I’ll be back in two days, I’m stuck here now because I misplaced my side bag on my way to the hotel where my money and other valuable stuff were kept. I need you to do me a favor as soon as you get this e-mail. I’ll need you to assist me with a soft loan urgently to sort out my Hotel bills and get myself back home, I’ll be needing the sum of $2,800. I’ll really appreciate whatever you can afford to help me with,I’ll pay you back as soon as I return. Kindly let me know if you can assist me with the loan So I can get back to you with my personal details to send me the funds,I hope to read from you soon.

To be quite honest, I do not think my piano teacher is seriously asking me for money.  I think her email might have been hacked or something.  First of all, in her correspondence to me, she always addresses me by name.  Secondly, my piano teacher strikes me as well-educated and well-versed in the English language.  She doesn’t talk like a foreigner or someone who just learned English last weekend.  The font she uses is different.  Everything about this email is wrong, but when I first read it, I was like, seriously, she is asking me for $2800?  Someone I just met two weeks ago wants to borrow almost $3000? I didn’t even say anything to her that would indicate I even had $2800 to loan in the first place.  She never asked me my occupation, or where I lived or anything.  In fact, we didn’t talk about anything except piano.  I’m paying her $45 an hour to teach me piano and she emails me and asks for $2800?  Yeah, okay.

If this is a legitimate email, she obviously don’t know me that well.  I ain’t never loaned anybody this type of money a day in my life!  If my friends called me up talking about, “Can I borrow $2800?” They would get hung up on.  If my sister called me up, “Hey, can I hold $2800?”  She would get laughed at and then hung up on.  Anybody else in the family, I wouldn’t even answer their phone call.  I do not loan money.

If you need help, I will help you.  If you’re stranded, I’ll come get you.  If you need diapers, I’ll go buy some.  If you need food, I’ll take you to the grocery store.  I don’t ever give nobody no cold hard cash so they can waste it on some BS, cuz once you give somebody some money, you know it’s gone forever.

The crazy thing is I just talked to my piano teacher a few days ago about which lesson books she wants me to buy.  She also confirmed our appointment.  I started to write her back and tell her that she was smoking something fresh, but after reading the email again, I am pretty sure that it isn’t her and more likely some hacker or somebody playing around.  I’ll tell her about it when I see her tomorrow–unless she’s still in England.

I just thought it was hilarious.

Asking me for $2800.



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