The Afronista Rants #12: Why Did They Have To Be Black?

Why is it that every time something bad happens, the person or persons involved have to be black?  Are black people the only people that commit crimes?  No, to even say such a thing, to even think it should get you bitch-slapped.  Admittedly, even I assume this, so I will line myself up right along with everyone else for a bitch-slapping because whenever I hear something negative, I automatically assume the culprit is black or Hispanic, depending on the area.  I guess nowadays, we should throw the Middle Eastern people into the mix, especially if the incident has some kind of terrorism slant to it, even if it isn’t really terrorist.  If sounds terrorist, the culprit is Middle Eastern.  If it’s drugs, they’re probably Hispanic.  Murder or assault or something violent and stupid sounding.  I bet they’re black.

Yes, it’s very ignorant to think this way, but we are socially engineered to automatically have these prejudices.  I believe the media is at fault, but I could be here all day long talking about how the media portrays people in a certain light to get us to think that only these certain people are bad.  I mean, forget about the fact that all the dirty Catholic priests molesting little boys are white.  Most of the serial killers are white.  The kids shooting up school Columbine-style are white.  I mean, we’ll just pretend those incidents are minor, so we can blame everything on black people.

So, I just finished reading this article about a white police officer in Philadelphia who shot himself allegedly in order to get a transfer or be released from the police force altogether.  This genius has been an officer for 21 years and apparently he did not like the beat he’d been assigned to.  The area is described “predominately black.”  So this cop was on patrol, shot himself in the shoulder and then told his command that two BLACK kids did it.  He said he saw these two BLACK males on a train track in West Philadelphia arguing.  He approached them and one of them just randomly drew a gun and shot him.

This led to a massive hunt for an imaginary BLACK kid who supposedly could have been a cop killer.  Now we all know how cops treat cop killers, white or black.  Even though the cop did not kill himself, police officers are highly protective of their own kind.  If one of them gets shot or killed, oh, they are out for blood.  Can you imagine what it must have been like in West Philadelphia for the 48 hours the police spent looking for this BLACK kid who shot a cop?  Every black male in a 50 mile radius must have been harassed because this dumb ass decided that he did not like the job he’d been doing for 21 years.  Either he is the stupidest person on the earth, or he is just a racist ignorant bastard.

Police officers are looking for a BLACK kid who shot a cop.



Am I the only one who sees how potentially devastating this could have been?  What if the cops thought they had found the culprit?  Some poor kid out on the streets minding his own business and the cops think he’s the cop shooter?  Mistaken identity happens all the time in police investigations, but mistaken identity when the incident didn’t even really happen in the first place?  It’s a horror!

After granting this sack of shit IMMUNITY, the police officer finally admitted that he shot himself in the shoulder.  The Philadelphia Police Department should get in line for some bitch slapping.  Seriously?  Seriously.  You gave this guy immunity?  Okay, yeah, I’m very sorry that he will likely be kicked off the force (which sounds like what he wanted in the first place.  Why he didn’t just retire, I don’t even know).  He will also have to pay the cost of the wasted investigation and he may not receive his pension, although I read somewhere else that he might actually get the pension since he did 21 years.

Sgt. Robert Ralston: If you see him, please slap him. Don't harm him, just slap him and walk away.

The People enter into evidence Exhibit A, this is the sack of shit that shot himself so that he could be transferred away from the predominately black community in which he patrolled.  It is most unfortunate that he did not shoot himself in the face for being such a piece of crap.

Why did they give him immunity?  Why is he not facing criminal charges?  I just don’t understand this.  Was the Philadelphia Police Department so inept that they were not able to determine that this was a FALSE police report?  Were they not able to determine a self-inflicted gunshot wound?  Look, I am not a cop, or forensic expert, or anything even remotely related to law enforcement.  I just happen to watch a lot of Law & Order. The one thing they always do when searching for a gunman is to check for GUNPOWDER RESIDUE.  They have this nifty little test that they use to see if you’ve fired a gun recently.  Washing your hands doesn’t always get everything.  Gunpowder residue also shows up in your clothes, which people sometimes forget to wash because they’re waiting for laundry day (so many dumb ass criminals through the murder clothes in the laundry basket but don’t wash them right away.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.)

For the cop that shot his stupid self, didn’t he realise that they would check for gunpowder residue?  Which they did and the Philly PD realised that the residue was the same type of residue that is issued to all police officers.  So they knew it was a police gun.  Either someone took the cop’s weapon from him and shot him with it, or he shot himself.  The captain of the police force admitted that there were so many holes in the cop’s story, yet they were not able to complete the investigation themselves.  Instead they gave this ballsack immunity.  He was free to tell what really happened with no fear of reprisal.  He will not go to jail or be fined for filing a false police report, lying, claiming that some BLACK kids shot him, which is essentially a hate crime after the city unleashes hundreds of cops out looking for blood.

This is just sad.


One response to “The Afronista Rants #12: Why Did They Have To Be Black?

  1. So many things about this story that are just, whaaaa??

    First of all, do we ever get the reverse? Do people of color get to shut down businesses and scare the crap out of neighborhoods after claiming that a white person shot/hurt/bothered them?

    And the fallout from his claim is just too big to go unpunished. It’s not just that he lied, it’s that that lie caused people to lose money, sleep and security. That’s huge.

    But since the claim was about a guy in cornrows…I wonder if a bunch of people in that neighborhood got themselves to the salon on the double to get that hair pressed out and make sure they didn’t fit the look.

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