Crap the Kid Says #3

We’re sitting down enjoying our evening, listening to Sade.

Do you think I can beat Sade in a singing contest?


2 responses to “Crap the Kid Says #3

  1. I would have patronized him by telling him “Yes, of course.” with no smiles to hint at my sarcasm. Bet he wouldn’t ask dumb questions like that if you just played into his game.

  2. See, the sad thing is with him patronising is lost on him because he don’t even get the concept. If you said, “Yes, I think you’re good,” with a straight face, he’ll take it and run with it and now that’s his new goal in life. Next he’ll be trying to put out an album and become a world famous star because you told him he sounds better than Sade.

    Then when you’re like, “Kid, I was just kidding,” he’ll be so crestfallen, so distraught and he’ll be like, “Why did you lie to me?”

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