Misadventures of the Village Idiot #48

Whew!  What a weekend!

Friday, I let the kid hang out at the karate school all day long so he could hang out with Mitko.  It gave me a breather, because he can be a handful.  One of my social clubs was hosting a dinner at Sakura, so I went out with them.  I met some great people, including someone who works in my building.  We’re supposed to get together to run this 5K in Columbia in a few weeks.  That’s what the whole purpose of the social clubs are for:  entertainment, of course, but networking, getting to know people, so my circle isn’t so limited.  I had a good time but I was dead tired by the time I went around the corner to pick up the kid.

I hate it when people give me convoluted directions some place.  Mitko is staying with his friend John who lives near the unit.  I didn’t know that at first, so I told him I was on Contee Road and how to get to his house from there.  He gave me these backwards ass directions.  I kind of recognised where he lived and I asked him if he lived in a particular neighbourhood.  He said, “yeah!”  Okay, why you take that way to get to your house.  It’s not just a matter of multiple ways to get some place, it was pretty much like going to China to get to California.  Bass-ackwards.

I got up early Saturday morning to put in five miles.  I’m quite surprised at how well I am progressing with this whole running situation.  I am not really running any faster, but I can run further and further with ease.  I was not even worn down when I finished the five miles, indicating I could probably go more without death.  I was up at the ass crack of dawn because the heat has been brutal.  Running in the evenings is detrimental and if I wait for the sun to come down a little bit, there isn’t enough time to get the run in before dark.  The trail by my house is safe enough but not a place I need to be hanging out after dark.  One, it has lots of tree covered paths so it’s particularly spooky, even in daytime, and two, parts of the trail do go through some sketchy looking apartment complexes and the Metro station where it is best not to loiter.  I don’t want to have to shoot somebody and plus the slow ass kid.  I don’t want him hanging around out there waiting on me.

When I finished my run, I came home and smashed a plate of pancakes.  I am never going to slim down if I don’t drop the pancake habit.  I did cut it out during the week.  I used to eat pancakes six days a week.  Seriously.  I’m down to two and I think that’s going to be it because I can’t give up the delicious syrupy butter.  Mmmm…..

I wanted to take the Kid to Carnival so we could see the parade.  It is about 945AM on our way to the Metro and it’s hot as a bitch.  I should have driven there, but that was my mistake after about 10 minutes of walking.  We get out to Georgia Avenue and find a decent place to wait for the parade, but lo and behold the fucking parade didn’t start until three hours after the arranged start time.  Oh, you know how I am about things that are late.  Three hours late?  That’s completely unacceptable.  After waiting so long I did not want to just leave because we already invested half our body weight in sweat.  It was ridiculously hot there.  The water we brought was boiling.  Seriously.

When the parade finally got under way, it wasn’t even that good.  It was all political and crap in the beginning, and I guess that’s how stuff is in DC, but I wanted to see true Carnival floats, like how they do in Mardi Gras.  Yes, this is not New Orleans but Carnival, like in Brazil and the islands, it’s different.  It isn’t marching bands and processionals like in the US.  It has flavour.  This parade did not have that flavour I was looking for.  The only thing I liked is the soca music.  You know I’m sucker for that beat.

We left outta there around 330.  Talk about having zero energy.  We could barely walk back home from the Metro.  I hate for the kid to complain, but I was complaining too.  We got into the house and for once I was thankful that my air conditioner is full blast, in fact, it wasn’t even cold enough.  We looked like we’d be in the Gobi Desert somewhere.  We had dinner and went to bed at like 730.

I always wanted to go the Caribbean Festival because I missed it every year messing around with TSA.  I think this is my first and last year.  Not just because I didn’t have a good time and it was hot, but because I hope I’m not in DC next year.

Sunday morning I woke up early to get some things done around the house, and then me and the Kid went out to SF’s storage place.  She gave me decent directions to get there because Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and Mapquest all had me fucked up.  The last time we went out there, we ended up in Greenbelt.  I followed the directions given to me perfectly.  The storage place is in Lanham, not Greenbelt.  Even when I called the place to talk get directions, the lady couldn’t really give me directions.  I planned on raiding her storage place for things but when we got there, the place was a disaster area.  She did warn me about it, but I didn’t think it was going to be a Mount Everest of precariously stacked up furniture.

The kid was worried for his life.  How the movers got a couch to stack up on top of two beds (the long way) I don’t know.  We did get what we needed and I feel like we left the storage in a worse off condition.  Think of those cartoon characters and they are trying to shove some shit into a closet before the door closes, and then someone else comes along and opens the door and all this shit just comes tumbling down on your head.  In cartoons, it’s a laugh a minute, but in real life, yikes.

Later that day I went into Silver Spring to have lunch with my other social group.  I left the kid at the movies, so he could feel grown.  I even let him eat a pizza sandwich.  I’m trying to get him into healthy eating so I’m limiting what kind of junk he’s allowed to have.  No fast food.  No fattening snacks, salty snacks or any of that garbage.  It’s good for me too because I won’t sit there and shove a Big Mac in my mouth when I’m telling him he can’t have one.

The luncheon went off pretty good.  I was the hostess this time.  I feel like more people are becoming interested now that I’m really doing some good things with this group.  I hope people continue coming.  I also went to Borders to buy some educational materials for the kid.  I told him that this wasn’t a real summer break, that he was going to have to do some work so he could catch up with the other kids next year.  He’s in seven the grade and it’s a whole new ball game out there.

I had to dash out of Silver Spring real quick so I could take the kid home and then head down into DC for Chantae’s birthday dinner at Lauriol Plaza.  I said many times I don’t like Spanish food but Lauriol Plaza was not that bad.  If invited, I’ll eat there again, but I probably wouldn’t go there on my own.  It’s a huge ass restaurant with bad parking anyway.

The dinner was going quite well, and I met this guy who I thought was just hot as hell.  Too bad he’s moving at the end of the week.  Always my luck.  Every guy I’m interested in is either in a relationship, gay or on his way to the moon.  I don’t stress about being single, but I’d like to date somebody too, you know.  Anyway, the dinner was going quite well until the final dramatic scene in which I had to extract myself.  I’m very self-conscious about some things, even though they do not have to do with me, and I just didn’t want to be in the situation anymore.

The problem was the waitress.  She was one of the worst waitresses I’ve ever had.  I know what it’s like to have a large party and still have other tables to attend, but sometimes enough is enough.  Ask for help.  Yeah, I’m sure you have to divide your tips, but it’s reality.  We had a huge 16 party table and she took forever to do anything.  At the end, when things started to get heated, I wanted to pay and leave.  She brought the check and I had cash in my hand and she was like, “You’re going to have to wait.” I’m like, trying to pay you.  Who doesn’t want money?  Now, if I had run out that restaurant without paying then it would really be some shit.

I ended up giving my money and check to a friend and dipping out because it was just too much going on.

I got home around 1030, and then I finished the rest of True Blood.  That show is so good.  I wish it was real.  I hate/love watching fantasy stuff because I want it to be real.  If vampires and werewolves were real, I wouldn’t be scared of them.  It would just be more people I could get to know, more culture and an interesting view on life.

Anyway, it’s back to the grind.  Luckily, it’s only a four day week this week and a four day week next week.  I’m taking off to Boston for the 4th.  Going to see the Boston Pops and the fireworks.  I hope it doesn’t rain.


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