She Knows It’s a Multi-Pass!

I have no idea why I chose that as a title. It just popped into my mind while I thought about the illegal immigration situation in Arizona and elsewhere in the country.  I just finished reading an article in CNN about the new bill that is so controversial in Arizona, requiring people to carry documentation of their status in this country. People were making comments about cards, papers and documentation and I thought multi-pass from Fifth Element.  I don’t know what they have to do with the other.

Anyway, can someone please explain something to me?  Why in the world is there such a freakin’ debate about illegal immigration in this country?  It is as hotly debated as separation of church and state, abortion and gun rights.  I can understand those debates because there are advantages and disadvantages to both sides of the issue, but illegal immigration, I’m so lost.

If you’re an illegal alien in this country, you ARE an illegal alien in this country.  Being in this country without proper documentation is a crime and the punishment for this crime is to be detained and deported back to where ever you came from.  End of discussion.  There is nothing to debate.  At least in my mind, but apparently, this is where I seem to get lost.  Arizona just passed a bill that is supposed to be some very tough legislation against illegal immigrants.  What is the big deal?  The bill requires police officers to ask people for documentation if they are pulled over or stopped in any way.  Opponents of the bill say that it will open the doors to racial profiling.  Some people say it violates our right to due process.  They feel communities will be targeted.

Legal aliens would be required to carry their documentation with them at all times.  Police can question people they think are not legal.  They can also go after people who hire illegal workers and knowingly transport them around.  Why is this bad?  It seems like it would be a good thing, but there are a lot of people who don’t see it that way.  To point out the obvious, the people who are against this bill are mostly Spanish and living in those border states where there are high concentrations of Spanish people.  Of course, there are other opponents of the bill, but they seem to be the majority.  They think the bill is racist.

Why is it racist?

If you’re illegal, you’re illegal.  It doesn’t matter if you came from Mexico, Peru, Canada, China or Nigeria.  You’re illegal first and whatever your race is second.  You don’t belong here because you did not follow the procedure.  Yes, I know the procedure is a little bit convoluted and lengthy, but it is the procedure we have and we have to work with it until someone comes up with a better way.  I’m not the person to try and determine that better way because I have no concept of what should be done.  I can only speak to what I think I know of the law.

Latinos are the biggest outcryers because Latinos happen to be the largest minority population and they also represent the largest illegal population.  I am reading comments that they don’t want their families separated, that they came here for a better life, etc.  I’m sympathetic to all that, but I can’t go shoot up a shopping mall and then whine about being separated from my family when they try to put me in jail.  I have committed a crime and there is a consequence for that.  Everybody wants a better life, and there are ways to achieve that.  All of them involve hard work, but that’s the process.  I want a BMW, but I can’t just go steal one off the lot.  I need to go get my ass a job and save up some money.  That’s the way things work.

I just finished a second article on this debate.  I started writing this particular blog before the judge made a ruling block key components of the bill, and this family is talking about how their business is ruined because of the controversy of the law.

They said, “Most of their clients cater to the Latino community, which has effectively gone into hiding amid concerns that they may have to leave the state as soon as the bill becomes law.”

Am I the only one who sees a problem with this statement?  People in this community have gone into hiding amid concerns they may have to leave the state if the bill becomes a law.  That means they are illegal, because if you were legal and had proper documentation, you would have nothing to worry about.  Why are you in hiding?  How is that right?  How can you argue that this law is wrong?  Forget about the supposed racism aspect for a moment.  How can anybody state that this law is bad?  If you have whole communities going into hiding because they are illegal, that is a problem.

I had an argument with a guy I work with because he thinks that we should make all the illegal immigrants in this country legal.  You know there are supporters of that.  Why should they benefit from breaking the law?  Why do we have a border in the first place?  Why don’t we just remove all border patrol agents and check points and leave the crap wide open and anybody who wants to come here can do so.  It would eliminate all this whining about racism and everything.

People seem to think that this is directed at Latinos.  They aren’t the only group with illegals.  Chinese, Nigerians and Russians also have a sizeable illegal population.  The Latinos are just the largest group and thus more visible.

For the record, I do support the law.  We need much tougher immigration laws.  We need a smoother immigration process that is applied consistently across the board.  If you’re not legal in this country, you need to go back.  I don’t care if you are Colombian, Cuban, British or Kenyan.  It doesn’t matter to me.  If you are an employer who hires illegal immigrants, there needs to be repercussions.  These people are the worst.  They hire illegals and pay them pennies because they know they are worried about getting deported.  They’ll never report their employer because they don’t want the heat on them.

Make it hard for illegal people to set up in this country.  You can’t rent or get a job or buy anything unless you have proper paperwork.  Anchor babies should not be legal citizens.  If your parents are here illegally, you are here illegally too.  You shouldn’t get financial aid for college.  You shouldn’t get anything.  Since you are not a legal citizen, you should not have access to our rights and services.

I know it sounds pretty harsh, but you have to ask yourself, when does it end?  Why does an illegal citizen think the United States owes him anything?  I wish someone would answer that question.  If you stole your way into this country on the back of a truck, or in a shipping container across the Pacific or whatever, why do you think you have rights?  Why do you think we should just give you what other legal immigrants have waited patiently for?  Why do you think you deserve that?

I just don’t understand.  I’m sure that many people who are reading this will think that I’m the most racist bitch ever, so cruel to say such things, but I don’t really care about your race or where you came from.  If you came here illegally, you’re wrong.  You’re not a help to this nation.  I don’t care if you do a job I wouldn’t do.  I don’t care if you pick fruit that I eat for breakfast.  I don’t care if you clean my office building’s toilets.  I don’t care what you do.  If you’re here illegally, you are wrong.  I don’t want my tax dollars to pay anything for you or your brats.  I don’t want you to take the $4.00 an hour you get at your construction job and send back home to your people.  If you are so concerned about their welfare, why don’t you go back to your own country and try to make it better for your children and your children’s children.

The sad fact of the matte is that this country, while it may seem the best in the world, isn’t going to stay that way if everybody and their third cousin shows up expecting a job, a chicken in every pot and full citizenship rights.  If you have ever lived in a border town, you would see the complete degradation of infrastructure and society.  I spent several years going to school (high school and college) in Arizona.  It’s a whole ‘nother world down there like you wouldn’t even believe.  People who are living in Connecticut and Kansas who are against this law, you just have no idea.  You’re just worried about the fact that someone won’t be available to cut your lawn for dirt cheap.  You’re just worried about assuaging your own white guilt.

I recognise that our immigration process is out of wack and needs to be worked, but like I said, it’s what we have and it’s what we need to use until someone comes up with a better way.  I wish people would stop playing the race card.  It doesn’t have anything to do with that.  If you have your papers, you don’t have anything to worry about.  If someone in your family doesn’t have papers, then you need to make sure they figure out a way to get some or send them back on your own terms.  Don’t wait until la migra is busting down your door and then you want to scream that you’ve been violated and everybody is racist.  If you want to be here, come here.  I welcome you.  Just do it the right way.

I don’t know what is going to happen in the future with this whole immigration business.  I feel we ain’t seen nothing yet.  It’s going to get real ugly very soon and I hope, for all parties, that it works out for the best.


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