The Afronista Rants #14: Sorry, Niggers

Not that I listen to the Dr. Laura Schlessinger Show, or that I’ve even heard of her in the first place, but I just happened to be trolling CNN when I came across an article about her giving a public apology for using the word “nigger” in her show several times.  Now the black community is about to crucify this white woman over her poor selection of words.  Al Sharpton, King of the Black Folk, described the incident as “despicable.”  The Guilty White are embarrassed and apologetic.  The Black Masses are up in arms.

Me?  I’m just shaking my head.  I’m not really upset with Dr. Laura Schlessinger, whoever the hell she is.  She’s just imitating what she hears in the streets everyday, more than likely.  Or maybe she really does feel all black people are just a bunch of niggers.  Who knows?  Since many of us refer to each other as “nigger” how is she able to determine which of us is a nigger and which one of us isn’t?  Everyday black people, not all but many, call each other nigger like it’s nothing.  You hear it in rap music all day long.  Black people come up to each other and greet each other, “What’s up, my nigger,” all the time.  So what is the problem if Dr. Laura Schlessinger tosses it about a few times in her radio talk show?  She is just another confused white woman, trying to figure out what to call us:  black, African-American or nigger?

Is it because black people feel like they somehow have ownership of this word?  Is it that mentality where it was once so offensive and so demeaning, that we’ll just now take the word over and give it a whole new twist?  I was once told that there was a fundamental difference between the word “nigger” and “nigga.”  When I hear rap music and black people greeting each other with this word, they are saying “nigga” not “nigger,” according to this guy who felt the need to enlighten me.  Nigger is that bad word you aren’t supposed to use.  Nigga is something else entirely.  That doesn’t make much sense to me, but if black people want to go on that, then who am I to say anything against it?  *eyeroll*  What the hell do I know?

All of this began when Dr. Schlessinger received a phone call from a black woman who was married to a white man.  The black woman said she loved her husband but she was tired of his family saying what she considered to be racist things about her.  The woman gave a few examples and Dr. Schlessinger said she didn’t find anything particularly racist about what the family was supposedly saying.  Then the black woman asked about the usage of the word “nigger,” to which Dr. Schlessinger replied,

“black guys use it all the time. Turn on HBO, listen to a black comic, and all you hear is nigger, nigger, nigger.”

The caller (the black woman) became upset that Dr. Schlessinger continued to use the word several more times and the two ended up in an argument.  Dr. Schlessinger then told the woman that if she was so hypersensitive she should not have married outside her race.

Had this been me I would have been more annoyed that she castigated me on marrying outside my race.  I would not have been upset by the constant use of the word nigger, because she is correct in some aspects.  Many black rappers, black comedians, and black people in general use the word like it’s nothing.  I’m sure, as I outlined above, that their reasons are different, but it’s still a usage of a word that many people find derogatory.  I’m not just talking about the Educated Black or the Guilty White, most people just don’t want to hear the word because they are reminded of a time that we’d all just rather forget.  It’s a senseless word, no matter how you use it.  Dr. Schlessinger shouldn’t use it and neither should Jay-Z or Chris Rock or the kid up on the block.

If you don’t want anybody to call you a nigger, don’t let anybody call you a nigger.  Don’t promote the usage of the word.  I know it would be a stretch to get people to stop buying rap music that contains the word “nigger,” but if you want to get upset by it, get upset by all usage of the word.  Don’t just jump on white people when they use the word.  I would feel foolish if I told a white person not to call me nigger when I let my friends call me nigger or ride around in the car with music shouting, “nigger, nigger, nigger,” all day long.  The first thing this white person is going to say is, “Well, you let your friends call you nigger.”  What am I supposed to say in response, “They are my friends, so it’s okay?”  No, it’s not okay.  I’m not a nigger, so you can’t call me one and neither can my friends.  You can’t punch me in the face and neither can any of my friends.

If you want to try to play the argument that there is a difference between nigga and nigger then you are just stupid and there’s no coming back from that.  I am not a nigga or nigger or any other deviation of the word.  Snoop Dogg can’t call me one.  My sister can’t call me one.  My best friend can’t call me one.  And neither can Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

We don’t have ownership of the word like we think we do.  We sound ignorant and foolish as we stand up on the corner with the “nigger” this, “nigger” that.  I know this does not apply to most of the black population, just a few suckers who got rope-a-doped into thinking they are owed something.  Every time you use the word or condone usage of the word in any shape or form you are just knocking yourself back a decade or two.

I tell my little cousin all the time that he needs to treat himself like he wants other people to treat him.  If you treat yourself like an asshole other people are going to treat you like an asshole.  If you treat yourself like a nigger then other people will treat you like a nigger.


7 responses to “The Afronista Rants #14: Sorry, Niggers

  1. My dad used to listen to Dr. Laura Schlessinger. The family used to like her. There’s a book that she wrote about relationships in my family’s library and everything. She used to be pretty entertaining at times. This was when I was younger though. I think she started getting too crazy so my dad stopped listening. Or maybe it was because he just became disinterested. I don’t remember the reason and I never really asked. She wasn’t “that” entertaining.

    You would have never listened to her because a) you’d have to listen to the radio and b) her channel is not an FM channel, which is more popular to the metropolitan area. Her show is on the AM side of radio along with all the fruitless news and sports reporting. That quote of hers sounds like something she’d say. I remember her being that open and blunt about things or situations sometimes.

    I agree with you a hundred percent though: If you don’t want to be called a “nigger” then don’t allow that word to be a part of your vocabulary. It’s as simple as that. Aside from my family members, I am surrounded by people who constantly use that word. They know I won’t respond to that so they don’t call me by that name nor do they refer to me as their “nigger/nigga/nig/n-dog, etc.” So I’m not seeing what the issue is.

    It annoyed me to hear Dr. Schlessinger tell that woman to not date outside of her race though. That is where the real line was crossed. No one has any right to tell anyone else who to or who not to date. Not in America and not this day and age. That just shows lack of respect and taste on Schlessinger’s part. So I’m glad that she was forced to publicly apologize but I’m a bit peeved that it was for the wrong reason.

    Maybe it was a publicity stunt to help her ever-declining show ratings.

    • i think niggers should be called niggers because they are just that, dumb, dirty, worthless niggers. i mean for fucks sake get a god damn job. another thing, i’m sick of people trying to stop black on black crime. let them get rid of eachother! it makes life better for everyone else…except asians.

      • it makes sense that you didnt leave a link or your real name. racist idiot trolls like you are really cowards in real life and would never say this shyt in the face or earshot of a Black person do shyt like that. It just further shows how immature you are.

        Im sure your inbred ass dont know the real definition of the word. let me help you out:

        Nigger-n-(slang) a person of ANY race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.

        pretty much describes you, i would say. And boo,
        dont go there with that old timers thinkin’ that Blacks are lazy, inferior and have a house full of children on Welfar. a lot of us DO work just like a lot of YOU are sittin on welfare havin’ baby number 5 and sellin’ all they foodstamps for crystal meth.

        God, you really need a life, some pussy, or somethin, WHOEVER you are.

  2. WOA! What is with the negative attitude? I am appaled at not only this article but mainly Teari’s comment! Its sad that you feel that way Teari, i hope some day you repent and then MAYBE you will make it into heaven.

    • but your find NOTHING wrong with John Hate’n’niggers

      wow YOU are the one who needs to make sure they make it to heaven.

      what was wrong with her comment? nothing.
      whats wrong with yours? everything.

  3. I wish I was white then I could be an individual with equal opportunities and not be categorized into a group like a fucking animal. Fuck you whoever you are.

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