The Idiot Learns to Read #5: Great Expectations

I just can’t do it.

I fail.

I cannot get through this book.  I’ve been trying to get through this thing since April, and I’ve finally decided to throw in the towel.  It’s long-winded and boring.  I expected better of Charles Dickens.  I’m only on Chapter 13 (there are 59).  Pip is about to get Miss Havisham’s sponsorship.

I’ve seen the story of Great Expectations a jillion times on BBC so it’s not like I’m missing anything, and to be quite honest I think I’ve read this story before.  As I was reading I kept getting a sense of de ja vu, nothing to do with having seen it on TV.  I believe I read it in 7th grade and I didn’t like it then.

I have other Charles Dickens works on my reading list and I hope they aren’t as bad as this one.  I think it’s the story that’s so pathetic.  This poor kid who is basically put through school by a rich benefactor.  In the beginning of the story he helps some convicts who turn out to be extremely wealthy later on in the story, and leaves Pip all of his money.  Pip falls in love with this girl, but she’s a bitch.  He uses another girl, Biddy, to get at Estella (the girl he’s in love with), but in the end he doesn’t get anything. He’s been ungrateful and he turned against his family.  Biddy married someone else and so did Estella.

I think it’s the story.  The story is not all that interesting to me.  I’ll give Mr. Dickens another chance, but for now I’m turning to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.


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