Optional, For Use On Longer Entries #7

So apparently they are not playing.  I said I wasn’t going to be depressed anymore about this, but then I just spoke to someone and it’s not a game anymore,  2010.

I thought they were going to give us an opportunity to meet the standard, but they have already decided that some people just need to go to Fat Camp anyway without even getting a chance.  I guess their reasoning is that they failed all last year so might as well, but my thing is that it was last year.  This is a whole new year, or whatever.  So you should not bring with you last year’s drama.

That is my method of thinking, but I guess I’m thinking logically again.  You stop that, Specialist.  That’s not the army way.

Now I’m stressed again.  They haven’t said anything to me, but this just highlights the gravity of the situation.  I have never felt so much pressure to be a certain way.  Why can’t we just be happy with ourselves?

Oh wait, the army does not want you to be happy.

I am frustration up again.


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