Optional, For Use On Longer Entries #8

There are those that cannot bear a party of happiness.  Some people are so used to being miserable and unhappy that they wouldn’t know what to do with cheer if it came up and slapped them on the face.

In case you didn’t notice life sucks in general, and there’s nothing for it but to move on and make do with what you’ve got.  Wallowing in self-pity and unhappiness never did anybody any good and it certainly doesn’t result in one’s hopes and dreams.  I’ve got this friend that seems to enjoy being miserable and gloomy, and here all along I thought I was the emo one.  No, that is not precisely right.  I am never unhappy; I am just frank and pessimistic.  I deal only in the realities of life and don’t waste a lot of time wishing and hoping for things.  I don’t like to cry about things that I cannot change because it is waste of time and afterward all I have to show for it is a red face and scratchy contacts.

I wish my friend (actually there are two of them)–I wish my friends would buck up a little more.  I do so tire of hearing their whining and complaining.  Whining and complaining is fine as all that, but if you don’t really do anything to change the situation you’re in, then whining and complaining doesn’t really do anything.  I do my best to cheer my one friend up but it’s like she purposely chases sunny skies away.

Sometimes I just want to shake her until her teeth fall out and say, “Look, you’re on your own.  Get a fucking life.”  But then, that is precisely what she’d expects because in her world it always rains on her parades.


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