Senseless Scribbling of an Idiot #41: Puff, Puff, Pass

Today is election day and there’s all sorts of critical decisions to be had across the country.  I can’t say that I’ve been paying attention to anything because frankly I just don’t give a damn.  I have been, however, paying attention to the debate over the legalisation of marijuana in California.  I don’t live in California.  I don’t smoke marijuana either.  It’s just that I’m interested in knowing how this is going to play out.

I really think they should legalise marijuana.  Why?

I don’t know, because it just seems like the thing to do.  I am not going to attempt to get into some medical debate about the positive or deleterious effects of marijuana because I am not a doctor and I would only be repeating stuff I’ve seen on TV.

I don’t even know anybody that smokes pot.  I mean, they could be getting high on a nightly basis and I wouldn’t know, but to my knowledge none of my friends are pot heads.  When I was in college there was a lot of weed smoking going on.  I didn’t partake because I was always too broke to pitch in and it just seemed like a gross, filthy thing to get into.  It’s just as bad as smoking and I find smoking to be utterly vile.

For all the naysayers against pot, the arguments they present are stupid.  A lot of people say it’s bad for the health, it’s going to cause social destruction and be a precursor to inflated health costs and all that.  Aren’t tobacco and alcohol just as bad?  How can marijuana really be worse than the THOUSANDS of DUI deaths every year?  How can marijuana be worse than all these people dying of alcohol related illness?  I know lots of drunks.  I don’t know any potheads.  I know lots of people whose families have been destroyed by the alcoholic in the family.

I once dated a guy who was a raging alcoholic.  His father was also a drunk.  The guy would tell me stories about his father, the Happy Drunk, who showed up to his high school graduation with no pants on.  My drunk boyfriend frequently got us kicked out of bars, bowling alleys and movie theatres because of his antics.  This is not the typical behaviour of potheads.  Most of them just want to get high, sit their ass down somewhere and leave them the hell alone.  Then they get the munchies, go to Taco Bell and then fall asleep somewhere.

Drunks get abusive.  Beat up their wives and kids and anybody who’s around.  They say terrible things and embarrass themselves and other people they know.  They get into cars and drive recklessly even though “they drive better when they’re drunk,” then they kill themselves or someone else, destroying everything in their path.  Do you know any potheads like that?

And how is pot smoking worse than cigarette smoking?  Cigarette smokers are ghastly.  They always smell bad.  They have yellow, gross looking teeth with yellow wrinkly fingers.  Their clothes always smell even if they put on perfume or cologne.  Their car stinks.  Their homes stink.  Everything about them is disgusting.  Okay, so this is my persona opinion.  There might be someone out there who actually like cuddling up to an ashtray every night.  I dated a smoker (the same guy who was a drunk).  Even though he was a great kisser, I used to do everything in my power to avoid kissing him if he had just smoked.  I hated spending the night at his house because it always reeked of cigarettes.

But this is all superficial.

Smoking has proven to be detrimental to the health.  It’s so bad that it is illegal to smoke anywhere these days.  No smoking in the office.  No smoking within 50 feet of the office.  No more smoking in restaurants.  No more smoking in public.  There are even some states that are considering making it illegal to smoke in enclosed places where children are present.

People die of smoking related illnesses every year.  Even people who do not smoke die of smoking related illnesses due to secondhand smoke.  Is there any evidence that pot smoking will cause the same effect?  I don’t know.  I’m asking the question and maybe someone out there has the answer for it.

There are practically no positive effects of smoking cigarettes or drinking.  Well, they do say one glass of red wine a day could be good for the heart, but that’s pretty much it.  Nothing good comes from smoking.  Nothing good comes from drinking.

Proponents of the legalisation of weed claim there are some positive effects of marijuana.  They say it helps with severe pain.  It stimulates appetite for those who have lost their appetite due to chemotherapy and other illness.  I do not know if this is all true but 16 states plus DC have legalised marijuana for medical purposes so maybe there is some fact to these statements.

I think law enforcement wastes a lot of time chasing after petty pot smokers.  Unless you’re selling to little kids or other at-risk groups, who cares? Police should spend more time on other more serious crimes:  rape, murder, assault, etc.  I think drug use is a serious business in this country, but we need regulation because obviously telling someone NOT to do something is not working.

I don’t think our society is going to go down the toilet any faster than it already is.  Legalising pot smoking is not going to be the catalyst if and when our country fails.  There are so many other thing that we need to worry about other than a couple of kids with a dime bag.  I’m not trying to make light of the situation but I’m saying we need to focus on real and true issues.  We have home invasions, starving homeless children, child abuse, racism, murder and other crap to deal with.  These things should take precedence and then we’ll work on the minor problems of this type of petty drug use.

If pot smoking is just as bad as alcohol and cigarettes, who should care?  When people engage in risky behaviours it is because they want to.  All smokers know the risks of smoking yet they do it anyway.  They like to.  They want to.  I don’t care what they do with themselves.  People who begin drinking know the risks.  Drinking eventually gets out of control, but yet it is still legal.  There are stiff penalties against drinking and driving yet it still happens.  So what is the difference?  Drunks go to jail.  Drunks kill people.  They still drink.  It’s still legal.  So who cares?

If you’re one of those people who are concerned about the potential costs to the health care system and potential loss of productivity due to pot smoking, are not cigarettes and alcohol just as draining?  Lung cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, rehab, etc.  All of this is going on right now.  If you’re so concerned, then maybe you should petition for these things to become illegal.  Pot smoking might add to our financial problems but if you really wanted to get back into the black, stop paying for drunk people’s health care.  Stop paying for smokers’ health problems.  You’ll see how flush with money you are.

As for productivity, well, remember drunk boyfriend?  He frequently went to work drunk and was frequently sent home.  They all knew he had a problem but what can you really do but fire him?  Then he just becomes another drunk bum someone else has to deal with.  I know plenty of people who come to work wasted.  Never met anybody who came to work high… well, maybe, but I’m not sure.

I just think the arguments against legal pot smoking are lame.  Everything everybody says against pot can be said against alcohol and tobacco.  You can’t really have it both ways.  Somewhere, somehow, someone needs to make a decision that actually makes sense.


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