Misadventures of the Village Idiot #61

I had a fairly relaxing weekend.

I picked the Kid up from the airport after work, and of course, he’s quite excited to be back in MD.  He is angling once again to stay here as a permanent resident, but I’m believer in the “we tried that before so we shouldn’t go back to it.”  Although it would be better for him, I would end up with grey hair and wrinkles before my time.

He and I went with some friends to see TRON:  Legacy. What an awesome movie.  The price was not awesome at $35.00 for two tickets, but the movie was very good. I  don’t know if it was worth all that but I did have to admit that I enjoyed myself.  It is not a movie where a whole lot of thinking is required.  Just sit back and let your eyes feast on brightly coloured lights and swiftly moving objects.  Add in the hyper electronic soundtrack and we’ve got a full course meal.  I think it was a trifle long but I’d see it again and I want it for my blu-ray collection.  It’ll be the perfect movie to work out to.

We went to dinner at Eggspectations again.  The Kid has declared it his new favourite place to eat.  This is because I’m forcing him to eat other foods besides burgers and chicken fingers.  We have a rule now when we go to dinner:  no burgers, no chicken fingers and no ordering the same thing you ordered the last time.  He just doesn’t realise that there is a lot of stuff out there and he should give some of it a chance.  He also wants to learn about wine.  No, I’m not going to start getting the kid drunk.  He’s only 13, but he can learn about drinking responsibly and the wine varieties.  They say the best way to learn something is to teach it.  We’ll see how that works out.

Saturday I got up early to finish my Christmas shopping.  I was in Wal-Mart by 630AM.  There were no crowds and I was able to get away unscathed.  I don’t like to wait to the last minute because the crowds of frenzied lunatics rushing around trying to find that “perfect gift” gets on my nerves.  I’m pretty pleased with what I’m getting my friends and family.  Everybody should like it.  If they don’t, they can give it back and I’ll get my money back.  I still have all the receipts.

I think the Kid will also be super excited.  I’m giving him one of my computers I had but I bought a new keyboard, speakers and other accessories to go with it, as well as some PC games.  I also bought him new art materials since he likes to draw.  I threw in the latest installment of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and a stocking full of junk food.  He should be in seventh heaven.

We went to dinner that night with my dad in Pentagon Row.  We just went to Champps.  Nothing spectacular except the Kid managed to eat a mega sized plate of pasta in like six minutes.  It was actually pretty gross.

Awkward car ride moment:  So, the Kid has this annoying habit of singing in the car.  I actually do not mind this but if the car is very small and otherwise silent and you have this one voice it’s a little bit annoying.  And he knew every damn song on the radio.  My dad changed the station to jazz but it was putting us all to sleep.  So then he found a new station that was playing Christmas music.  There was a version of Jingle Bell Rock playing, except it was the Three-6 Mafia version.  Actually, I don’t know if it was Three-6 Mafia but it was somebody equally rough and not for kids’ ears.  And really not that sort of thing you listen to in the car with your parents.  Very awkward because the first words were … “you make my dick swell.”


Sunday we went house hunting.  We figured out where we’re going to be temporarily staying until my parents settle on a house.  The real estate agent took us to several properties and we found one we liked.  Then we went back to the office to look at pictures of houses.  It’s going to be a process but it’ll be interesting.

It took us almost four hours to decide on a place and by the time that was finished I was in no mood to cook dinner, so I treated us to our favourite ghetto Chinese buffet in Laurel.  The Kid once again managed to outdo himself and inhale about three plates of food in four minutes.  It’s just amazing.

Next week I am off from Christmas Eve until the Monday after New Year’s.  I’m very excited to not have to go to work or do anything of consequence.

Life is good.


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